Dekatilen - a preservative treatment of infections of the oral cavity, the pharynx.

Pharmacological action

Dekatilen exhibits bactericidal activity against organisms that provoke mixed infections in the mouth, pharynx.

The range is quite wide Dekatilena effects - it inhibits Gram, Gram-positive bacteria, fungi, spirochetes, cocci, strains resistant to antibiotics.

In addition, the application allows you to remove Dekatilena pain that often accompanies diseases of the oral cavity, pharynx.

Product form

Producing Dekatilen lozenges.

Indications Dekatilena

Dekatilen of instruction prescribed for catarrhal infections (laryngitis, pharyngitis), infections angina (angina fusospirochetal, lacunar, catarrhal), painful infections of the throat, mouth, inflammation of the mouth and gums (aphthous stomatitis, ulcerative gingivitis), oral candidiasis bukkofaringialnoy.

Application Dekatilena practice and in states after tooth extraction, tonsillectomy, to prevent infections, eliminate halitosis.

Instructions for use Dekatilena

 Dekatilen - a preservative treatment of infections of the oral cavity, the pharynx.
 Tablets Dekatilen adults need to dissolve slowly every two hours on the 1st thing. After decrease inflammation - every four hours.

Children 4-12l. also take one tablet, but every three hours. After facilitate the state - every 4h.

Chewable tablets are not recommended. The maximum permitted daily dose of -10-12 tablets during acute and 6tabl. after removal of acute symptoms.

Treatment of children, adults usually lasts about 5d. If during this time the patient's condition does not improve, you should contact your doctor for further examination, Dekatilena dose adjustment or changing treatment regimens.

side effects

No negative side effects after taking Dekatilena not fixed, there may be reactions of sensitivity to it.

Contraindications Dekatilena

Serious drug contraindications have not, it does not apply only if the patient is found intolerance to the components of tablets. Dekatilen allowed to take diabetes.

According to the instructions Dekatilen during pregnancy, breast-feeding is prescribed only in certain cases, only on the recommendation of the attending physician.

Do not give medication to children up to 4 years.

Negative impact on the action means toothpaste, they should be used at different times.