Dazolik - agent for the treatment of protozoal infections.

Pharmacological action

Dazolik has an antibacterial effect, breaks the DNA structure of the simplest organisms, active against Giardia, the causative agent of urogenital trichomoniasis, amoeba dysentery, Clostridium, Bacteroides, fuzobakterii, anaerobic cocci.

The active substance Dazolika - ornidazole, which is well absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract.

Product form

Dazolik release tablets.

Indications Dazolika

Dazolik of instruction prescribed for trichomoniasis, amoebic dysentery, amebiasis extraintestinal, giardiasis.

There are reviews of Dazolike successfully used for the prevention of infections provoked by anaerobic bacteria during surgery in gynecology, surgery of the colon intestine.

Instructions for use Dazolika

 Dazolik pills
 Tablets Dazolik trichomoniasis appoint: adults 0, 5g two p / day for children -25mg / kg (single dose).

In amoebic dysentery drug for children weighing more than 35kg, adult appoint 1, one p 5g / day. If more than 60 kg body weight - 2g / day. Babies weighing less than 35 kg administered 40 mg / kg / day. Therapy lasts for three days.

Application Dazolika in other species amebiasis conducted on such a scheme: children older than 12l. and adults - 0, 5g. two p / day. for 5-10dn. Single dose for children Dazolik 7-12l - 0, 375gr., 1-6l. - 0, 25g, up to one year - 0, 125g. Usually the drug is taken two p / day - in the morning, in the evening. The treatment lasts as 5-10dn.

For the treatment of giardiasis is prescribed for adults and children weighing more than 35 kg - 1, one p 5g / day. Babies weighing less than 35 kg - 40 mg / kg / day. Therapy continues - 1-2dn.

For the prevention of infectious diseases, provoked by anaerobic bacteria Dazolik appoint: 0 before the operation, 5-1gr. and then - 0, two rows of 5g / day (3-5dn.).