International name of the instruction Bellastezina: Benzocaine + Extract Belladonna (Benzocaine + extract Belladonnae). The drug belongs to the pharmacological group - antispasmodics.

Active substances Bellastezina: benzocaine (300 mg) and Belladonna extract (15 mg). An aqueous solution of belladonna 1:10.

Dosage Form: Tablet Bellastezin 10 pcs. in konvalyute.

Pharmacological action Bellastezina

Bellastezin - a two-drug combination that has a local anesthetic effect and relieves cramps, reduces the acidity of gastric juice, and the tone of the smooth muscle of the digestive tract.

Analgesic effect of the drug provides benzocaine - a local anesthetic, and antispasmodic effect - an effect of belladonna alkaloids.


The drug can be used to get rid of the symptoms of gastritis with high acidity, with spasms of the stomach, intestines, gall bladder and other smooth muscle of the abdominal cavity.

Contraindications Bellastezinu

Individual intolerance to the components of the drug, glaucoma or suspected it, prostate tumors, pregnancy and breastfeeding is a clear contraindication to the use of tablets Bellastezina.

Side effects Bellastezina

While receiving the drug may experience adverse symptoms: drowsiness, thirst, drying of the mouth, dizziness, possible tachycardia, mydriasis, disturbance of accommodation up to paresis, allergic reactions.

Instructions for use and dose Bellastezina

 Bellastezin pills
 Bellastezin taken orally morning and evening 1 tablet. The dose may be increased to a maximum of doctor 3 tablets per day.

The duration of the specified instruction Bellastezina and depends on many factors - the severity of the disease, the dose, the drug application alone or in combination with drugs other pharmacological groups.

Precautions to receive Bellastezina

The drug can not be applied to persons in professional activities which require high concentration and speed of reaction (drivers, mechanics, and others.).

Clinical studies on the effectiveness and safety of the children taking the drug were not carried out, so the drug is used for children in extreme cases, only on doctor's advice. Interaction Bellastezina with other drugs has not been studied, so you need to be careful when using it in combination therapy.

An overdose of the drug is expressed by the appearance of side effects. In such cases, an urgent need to seek medical care, hospitalization possible.

Storage: at room temperature, but not above 25 ° C, in a dry place, protected from light.

Before using the product, consult your doctor!