Glikodin - antitussive.

Pharmacological action

Glikodin - combined preparation, thinning and outputting phlegm, effective impact on cough of any origin.

The structure includes Glikodina dextromethorphan, which reduces the excitability of the cough center and suppresses cough; Terpin hydrate contributing alkalization sputum, reducing its viscosity and thereby helping its excretion, has a protective and soothing effect on the walls of the bronchial mucosa and other respiratory tract infections; levomenthol - it has antispasmodic activity, soothes, relieves irritation of the respiratory tract.

The drug has no hypnotic, analgesic effect, relieves of respiratory diseases in the acute form.

Another positive effect Glikodina - it is not addictive.

Product form

Producing 50 Glikodin syrup, 100ml for oral use.


Glikodin indicated for the treatment of chronic, acute respiratory diseases of different origin, accompanied by a dry cough without phlegm education.

The good effect is observed Glikodina with his participation in the treatment of sinusitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, rhinitis, laryngitis - syrup relieves symptoms of these diseases.

Glikodin used to eliminate cough postoperative period, for example, after surgery in the abdominal cavity, for the symptomatic treatment of cough of any etiology.

Effective Glikodin syrup in the treatment of productive cough (with mucus and sputum), but in the early stages

Instructions for use Glikodina

 Glikodin syrup
 The drug can be administered to children and adults.

The instructions are listed Glikodina dosage: children 7-14l. - 0, 5 teaspoons measuring 3-4 p / day; 4-6l. - 0, 25 spoons measuring 3-4 p / day; 1-3g. - 0, 25 spoons measuring 2-3 p / day; Children older than 14L. and adults - one measuring spoon 3-4 p / day.

Treatment usually lasts 3-4dn. If necessary, the treatment can be extended for up to one week.

Side effects

Glikodin usually tolerated well, only in rare cases it may be nausea, itching, drowsiness, dizziness, urticaria.


The instructions Glikodina stated that it is contraindicated in bronchial asthma, children under a year, during pregnancy, during lactation, and if found intolerance to the components of syrup.

Glikodin wary appoint patients with severe liver function abnormalities.