Sweeteners in 1879 invented the first Russian chemist immigrant Falberg. Synthesized them saccharin used in the sugar shortage during the war years.  Sweetener Sukrazit

All sugar substitutes are divided into two groups - synthetic and natural. By the natural sugar substitutes include sorbitol, stevia, fructose. They are saturated with the energy of the human body and thus completely absorbed. Natural sweeteners are safe, but high in calories. Synthetic sugar substitutes are considered cyclamate, acesulfame potassium, saccharin, aspartame and sukrazit. Sukrazit - one of the most popular sweeteners.

Composition Sukrazita

Saccharin - Sukrazita basis. The structure also includes Sukrazita fumaric acid and baking soda. A sweetener tablet contains 42 mg of baking soda (56, 8%), 20 mg sodium saccharin (27, 7%), 12 mg of fumaric acid.

Sukrazit - Instructions for use

Many reviews say that this sweetener is used in dietary and diabetes. World Health Organization (WHO) have been established allowed sweeteners dose at which of them will not harm human health. Thus, the daily dose of saccharin should be no more than 2, 5 mg / kg body weight. A daily dose Sukrazita at instruction 0 is about 7 grams. One tablet Sukrazita equals one teaspoon of sugar.

Benefits and harms Sukrazita

The obvious benefit of a substitute in its low calorie content. Obvious damage from Sukrazita not. Harmful it is only when used in large quantities, as it is not absorbed by the body. There are hypotheses about the content in the saccharin-based Sukrazita, carcinogens. In some countries, the use of saccharin is prohibited (for example, in Canada).  Sukrazit tablets

In a review of Sukrazite says that one pack of the product replaces the six kilograms of sugar. The composition Sukrazita no carcinogenic cyclamates, fumaric acid but to some extent also toxic.

The manual says that the product is thermostable. It is perfect for preparation of various dishes, compotes. Dishes with this sweetener can boil and freeze.

Nutritionists advise if overweight use artificial sweeteners in tablets instead of regular sugar. But we should not forget that sweeteners increase appetite. Some comments about Sukrazite said that regular consumption of this product is accompanied by a constant feeling of hunger.

The instructions to this sweetener indicate that it can not be used during pregnancy and lactation.

Shelf life and storage conditions

According to the instructions, Sukrazit should be stored in a place protected from sunlight. Storage temperature - not above 25 ° C. Shelf life - three years.