Stugeron - drugs used to treat circulatory disorders of the brain.  Stugeron 50 mg

Pharmacological action stugeron

Stugeron reduces the amount of calcium ions in the cells, reduces muscle tone arteriolar vasodilator enhances the action of carbon dioxide.

It is noted that a drug affecting the muscles of blood vessels, reduces their response to vasopressin, norepinephrine, epinephrine, angiotensin, dopamine.

Application stugeron leads to vasodilatation, in particular with regard to the vessels of the brain. It is noted that an active drug substance, cinnarizine, blood pressure is not affected.

Also the medicine can reduce the excitability of the vestibular apparatus, it lowers the tone of the sympathetic nervous system, reduces blood viscosity, increases resistance to oxygen starvation of the muscles.

Product form

Stugeron release tablets.

Analogs stugeron - Vertizin, Tsinedil, Tsinnaron.

Indications stugeron

Stugeron prescribed for vestibular disorders: tinnitus, vomiting and nausea labyrinthine origin of nystagmus, Meniere's disease, vertigo; migraine - to prevent attacks; for the treatment of peripheral circulatory disorders; for the prevention kinetoses - air and sea sickness; for the treatment of peripheral circulation - Raynaud's disease, thrombophlebitis, diabetic angiopathy, trophic disorders, varicose and trophic ulcers, "intermittent" claudication.

Another indication for symptomatic therapy is stugeron cerebrovascular pathologies origin - tinnitus, headaches, irritability, dizziness.

Instructions stugeron: how to use

Stugeron in circulatory disorders of the brain take 3-6 tablets per day (75-150 mg).

In violation of the peripheral circulation appoint no more than 6-9 tablets per day (150-225 mg).

The recommended dosage of the drug in the vestibular disorders - 3 tablets per day (75 mg).  Stugeron 25 mg

To prevent motion sickness is recommended for adults for half an hour before the trip to take 25 mg of the drug. If necessary, after 6 h. Can accept another 25 mg. Children in the same order give 12 5 mg.

If the patient idiosyncrasy cinnarizine, it is recommended to start treatment with ½ dose and gradually increase it.

Side effects

Application stugeron can cause headache, depression, drowsiness, extrapyramidal disorders, fatigue, dry mouth, epigastric pain, skin rashes, allergies, weight gain.

Contraindications stugeron

Stugeron instructions contraindicated for breastfeeding, a woman with hypersensitivity.

Under the supervision should take stugeron and analogues of the drug, patients suffering from Parkinson's disease.

Note that cinnarizine may influence the outcome of a doping control.