Stoptussin - drug with antitussive effect.

Pharmacological action

Stoptussin has expectorant and antitussive effect. The active ingredients of the drug - butamirata, which tend to anesthetize the mucous membranes of the bronchi and guaifenesin - reducing the viscosity of sputum, and promoting a better discharge of it.

Product form

Stoptussin release tablets and drops.  Stoptussin drops

Indications Stoptussina

Stoptussin effective in dry and irritating cough, arising in inflammatory diseases of the lower, upper respiratory tract.

There is also a positive feedback about Stoptussine from patients to use it to eliminate the cough before or after surgery on respiratory organs.

Instructions Stoptussina: how to use

Take pills and drops after meals. Chewable tablets are not recommended, they are immediately swallowed, washed down with water, juice or tea.

Drops pre-bred - 100 ml of water, juice or tea.

The required dosage is determined Stoptussina by weight of the patient:

  • and weighs less than 7 kg appoint 24-36 drops per day - 8 drops per reception;
  • with a weight of 7-12 kg - 27-36 drops - 9 drops for the reception;
  • with a weight of 12-20 kg - 42 drops per day - 14 drops Stoptussina for the reception;
  • with a weight of 20-30 kg - 42-56 drops per day - 14 drops per reception;
  • with a weight of 30-40 kg - 48-64 drops Stoptussina a day - 16 drops per reception;
  • patients weighing up to 50 kg is recommended to take 2 pills a day - at ½ tablet for accepting or 75 drops - 25 drops per reception;
  • with a weight of 50-70 kg can take 3 tablets a day, or 90 drops of - on a tablet or 30 drops for the reception;
  • with a weight of 70-90 kg - 4, 5, or tablet 120 drops per day - 1, 5 or 40 tablets for receiving droplets;
  • weighs more than 90 kg - 6 Stoptussina tablets a day 1, 5 tablets per reception.

The interval between administration of tablets or drops is 4-6 hours.

side effects

 Tablets Stoptussina

Application Stoptussina instructions and in compliance with the prescribing physician is rarely a cause of negative side effects. But there are reviews of Stoptussine, indicating that it can cause vomiting, stomach pain, headache, nausea, drowsiness, diarrhea, dizziness, rash, urticaria.

A large number of active substances Stoptussina can cause impaired concentration.

Contraindications Stoptussina

Stoptussin of instruction should not be prescribed to infants, pregnant (in exceptional cases, medication may be administered only in 2-3 trimesters), lactation, hypersensitivity.

Babies under one year contraindicated drop Stoptussin and children up to 12 liters. - pills.

Alcohol and drug active substances are incompatible.