Stopangin - complex anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial drug used in dentistry and ENT practice. The product is presented in the following forms: spray irrigation oral solution for topical use and lozenges (Stopangin 2A Forte).  Stopangin tablets

The composition Stopangin includes: hexetidine, methyl salicylate, complex natural essential oils (peppermint oil, orange tree, anise, eucalyptus, sassafrasnoe oil) as well as menthol and excipients (including ethyl alcohol).

Pharmacological action

According to the instructions Stopangin, the main component of the antiseptic drug is hexetidine - pyrimidine derivative compound. Hexetidine possesses antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal effect, providing a weak anesthetic and enveloping effect on the mucous membranes. The antibacterial effect of the application of hexetidine Stopangin due to the ability to replace the thiamine - a substance that stimulates the growth of the bacterial flora. In addition, the synthesis gives hexetidine substances forming the protective sheath of the fungus.

According to the reviews Stopangin can judge the effectiveness against strains of Proteus Spp., Fungi Candida.

Part of the Stopangin methyl salicylate inhibits the activity of the enzyme cyclooxygenase, rendering the mucous membranes and the local anti-irritant effect, causing blood flow to the wound site, and speeding, thus their recovery.

Components Stopangin, according to instructions, no effect on the human body, do not penetrate into the bloodstream, spread evenly on the mucosa of the mouth and throat. Due to its ability to bind to substances mucosal drug remains on the surface to several days and exerts prolonged action on the affected area.

The combination of essential oils, which is part of Stopangin, has a mild anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, reducing discomfort during exhausting cough. All the components of the drug excreted saliva.

Indications Stopangin

The drug is used in the presence of inflammation in the oral cavity: pharyngitis, tonsillitis, gingivitis, stomatitis, periodontal disease, GLOSS, fungal diseases (thrush), before or after surgery, trauma throat and mouth, sore throat. Instruction Stopangin does not prohibit the use of drugs as a deodorant for hygienic oral care. By all accounts, well Stopangin destroys halitosis.


Stopangin analogues and are not recommended for use with dry type atrophic pharyngitis, in children younger than 8 years (for a preparation in the form of a spray), and in the presence of hypersensitivity to the drug. The drug is not able to provide direct embryotoxic and teratogenic effects, however, the use Stopangin women whose gestational age has not reached 14 weeks, it is undesirable. Treatment with the II and III trimester of pregnancy is possible only on the recommendation of a physician.

side effects

The instructions to Stopangin talk about good tolerability. In rare cases, side effects can occur as a burning sensation at the site of allergic reactions and vomiting when ingested drug. As stated in the review, to Stopangin, burning of mucous membranes takes place quickly and spontaneously. As part of the Stopangin ethyl alcohol for half an hour after its use is not recommended to drive and engage in potentially hazardous activities.

Application Stopangin

In the form of an aerosol Stopangin applied 2-3 times a day, 1-2 spraying the affected site in between meals. It is necessary to avoid inhalation of the drug and the aerosol in the eye. Stopangin in the form of a spray administered to children older than 8 years, and only in cases when it is possible the correct use of the drug. The review notes to Stopangin good drug efficacy. With no signs of reducing the symptoms of the disease for 2 days, contact your doctor.  Aerosol Stopangin

In solution form Stopangin applied undiluted rate of 15 ml of the drug (1 tablespoon) of not less than 2-5 times per day. Stopangin and analogues (Geksoral, Stomatidin), presented in the form of a solution for topical use, intended only for mouthwash. The drug can not swallow!

As a solution for topical application Stopangin appointed with age, which ensures there is no danger of uncontrolled ingestion of the drug. In case of ingestion of the drug, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

According to the reviews Stopangin, processing mucosa can also be performed using soaked in a solution of the drug a cotton swab.

Treatment Stopangin 2A Forte is carried out not more than 5 days. The optimal dose of the drug: 1 lozenge 2-3 hours. The product does not contain sugar and can be used by patients whose concomitant disease is diabetes.

Analogs Stopangin

Pharmacological properties are similar to Stopangin have such medicines as the hexetidine, Givalex, Geksoral, Stomatidin, Kameton, Ingalipt. Analogs Stopangin able to provide antiseptic, anti-inflammatory effects on the mucous membranes and are used to eliminate the acute and chronic infectious and inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity.

This guide to the Stopangin is not a guide to use. Before applying Stopangin or analogues of the drug consult your doctor.