Stomatidin is a combined topical preparation for the treatment of inflammatory processes in the oral cavity.

Widespread use Stomatidin received dentistry and otolaryngology. The product has antiseptic, analgesic and deodorizing effect.

Structure and Composition

The main active ingredient - geksatidin 100 mg.  Stomatidin in a bottle

Auxiliary components: citric acid, azorubin, menthol, saccharin, polysorbate, propylene glycol, ethanol, purified water.

Stomatidin produced as 0, 1% solution mouthrinse vials and 200ml aerosol vials of 200 ml.

Pharmacological action Stomatidina

Stomatidin astringent, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. The drug is active against fungus and bacteria formations in the mucous membranes of the mouth.

Hexetidine relieves inflammation to mucous membranes of the oral cavity for 50-60 hours. The duration of the therapeutic effect persists for 12-24 hours.

Application Stomatidina for treating oral diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms, in a very effective combination therapy.

Good reviews Stomatidin received as a drug effective in treating halitosis various etiologies.

Stomatidin interacts well with preparations containing zinc and fluorine, and is effective for eliminating viral infections of the teeth.


Stomatidin prescribed for the treatment:

  • inflammatory and infectious ENT diseases, including laryngitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, sore throat, etc .;
  • infectious and inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity - gingivitis, periodontitis, stomatitis, alveolitis, gingival bleeding, glossitis, etc .;
  • fungal and bacterial lesions of the oral cavity.

Positive feedback has Stomatidin as a drug for the prevention of malignant tumors of the oral cavity and pharynx.

Stomatidin may be designated to relieve inflammation and wound healing in trauma and oral cavity after surgery.

As an additional means Stomatidin appointed as part of combination therapy for the treatment of influenza, streptococcal infections and colds.

Instructions for use Stomatidina

According to the instructions Stomatidin a topical drug that can not be swallowed and taken orally.

The drug in the form of a solution should rinse the mouth and throat 2-3 times per day. Also, 20 ml of the solution can be applied on a cotton swab and apply to the inflammation of the mucosa of the mouth for 30-40 seconds. Medical procedures should be carried out between meals write (2-3 hours). The duration of treatment is 5-10 days.

In accordance with the instruction Stomatidin administered as an aerosol applied to the oral cavity and pharynx 2-3 times daily for one dose.

At the first sign of hypersensitivity or allergic reactions the drug should be lifted immediately.


Contraindication to Stomatidina are hypersensitivity and intolerance to the components of the drug, children up to 5 years, atrophic pharyngitis, bronchial asthma, the first trimester of pregnancy and during breastfeeding.  Stomatidin per pack

Precautions drug is given in the second and third trimester of pregnancy.

Side effects Stomatidina

Stomatidin can cause irritation and allergic reactions - burning, itching, hives, angioedema, bronchospasm, skin rashes, disturbances of taste and smell receptors.

If swallowed, the drug may be signs of poisoning - nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. In this case, you must carry out an immediate gastric lavage with a weak solution of manganese.