Stodal - a complex homeopathic medication used to treat coughs.

Pharmacological action

The active components of the homeopathic drug Stodal have bronchodilator and expectorant action.  Stodal in syrup

The syrup composition preferably comprises Stodal herbal ingredients, making it an effective tool in the treatment of cough of different etiology:

  • Bryonia affects the composition formed in the course of the disease phlegm and reduces its viscosity, improving the flow of bronchopulmonary secretion and a more rapid purification of the respiratory tract;
  • Rumex crispus and Pulsatilla effective in dry spastic cough as reduce the urge to cough;
  • Sticta pulmonaria, extract from fresh lichen thalli, indicated for exhausting cough, accompanied by sneezing, conjunctivitis and severe headache;
  • Antimonium tartaricum effective for cough in children, as well as in cases where lung disease develops in the background of increased sleepiness;
  • Coccus cacti reduces symptoms of chronic cough spasmodic character which is exacerbated in cold weather and is often accompanied by the formation of large amounts of mucus;
  • Ipeca effective for neck spasms, and large amounts of mucus that is difficult to cough, as well as in long-term spasmodic cough, leading to vomiting;
  • Spongia tosta contains alkaloids, which, like papaverine may reduce the phenomenon of bronchospasm.

Form release Stodalya

Stodal discharged as a clear, pale yellow syrup with an aromatic odor.

100 g of product contains 950 mg: Pulsatilla C6, Bryonia C3, Spongia tosta C3, Antimonium tartaricum C6, Coccus cacti C3, Rumex crispus C6, Ipeca C3, Sticta pulmonaria C3, Myocarde C6 and Drosera MT.

Excipients - caramel, syrups and polyhalo Tolu, 96% ethanol, benzoic acid, sucrose syrup.

In vials of brown glass of 200 ml.

Indications Stodalya

According to the instructions Stodal take for the symptomatic treatment of cough of different etiologies.


Stodal contraindicated to use at elevated individual sensitivity to the individual components of syrup.

In addition, the drug should not be taken if:

  • Glucose-galactose malabsorption;
  • Hereditary fructose intolerance;
  • Sucrase-izomaltaznoy failure.

Stodal during pregnancy, as well as in the period of lactation should be taken with caution due to the presence in the syrup, ethanol, as well as the possibility of allergic reactions to the plant or the ancillary components of the drug.

Dosing Stodalya

Stodal instructions prescribed by three to five times a day.  Stodal per pack

Adult single dose is one tablespoon, children - one teaspoon.

The duration of Stodalya for instructions to coordinate with a physician is recommended.

Any information on overdose of Stodalem reviews available. Also, no studies of drug interactions with other medications syrup.

The possibility of using Stodalya during pregnancy should be coordinated with the attending physician. However, the application of the syrup should be aware that each tablespoon of the drug contains 206 mg of ethanol.

Admission Stodalya of reviews does not preclude treatment with other drugs.

In cases where the improvement in the application Stodalya does not come for a few days, you should consult your doctor.

Side effects Stodalya

In the opinion of Stodal well tolerated by both children and adults. There are no reports of adverse events occurring during the reception syrup have been reported.

Storage conditions

Stodal as other homeopathic medicines available without prescription. Shelf life - up to five years.