Stamina Capsules

Stamina - a drug for the treatment of neurological, mental illness.

The pharmacological action of Stamina

Stamina - a drug with neuroprotective effect, a positive effect on metabolic processes in the brain, increases ATP levels in its tissues, enhances the production of phospholipids and RNA, glucose utilization.

Stamina helps with hypoxia, shock, poisoning - protects the brain from damage that can cause listed status. In addition, stamina improves blood circulation of the brain, a positive effect on mental health.

Psychostimulants, sedation does not have stamina. The effect of the drug develops gradually.

Form release Stamina

Stamina produced in the form of granules, syrup, capsule, solution, tablet.


Stamina is prescribed for diseases of the brain vascular origin, cerebrovascular insufficiency chronic course, causes a disturbance of speech, memory, attention, headaches and dizziness.

Indications for Stamina is also residual effects of circulatory disorders of the brain; subkomatoznye and coma; convalescence; neurotic syndrome; vyaloapaticheskih defective condition; mental diseases of organic origin; depression that does not respond to treatment with antidepressants; poor tolerance of neuroleptics, provoked by her mental and neurological complications; myoclonus.

The Addiction stamina used to treat morphine withdrawal, alcohol syndrome, acute ethanol poisoning, fenaminom, morphine or barbiturates to treat the chronic stage of alcoholism, sickle-cell anemia.

Stamina is used in pediatric practice in states that require acceleration training, eliminate the effects of perinatal brain damage provoked intrauterine infection, birth trauma or hypoxia. In addition, you can assign stamina children when mental retardation, mental retardation, cerebral palsy.

Dosing Stamina

Stamina administered intravenously in an initial dose of 10 g, and if the state is heavy drip administered per day to 12 g of the drug.

The tablets in the beginning of therapy administered in a daily dose of 800 mg, take them in three steps before eating. When the condition improves, the dose Stamina is reduced to 400 mg. The average duration of treatment - 1, 5-2 months.

For an extended treatment of psycho-organic syndrome in elderly patients administered 1, 2-2, 4 grams per day.

For the treatment of cerebrovascular disorders in the acute phase appoint Stamina 12 g per day - for 2 weeks. Then move on to a daily dose of 4 g 8-6

When taking the cortical myoclonus 7, 2 g per day, and after that, every 3-4 days the daily dosage is increased by 4, 8, the maximum daily dosage - 24 g should reduce the dose every half-1, 2 g every two days.

For the treatment of vertigo stamina prescribed to take two or three steps - no more than 2, 4-4, 8 g per day.

Children can appoint 30-50 mg per day.

Acceptable daily dosage for sickle-cell anemia - 160 mg / kg.

When administered alcoholism Stamina 12 g per day. The dosage for maintenance treatment - 2, 4 g

Patients in a coma, traumatized, appointed first 9-12 grams per day. Therapy lasts for three weeks.

 Stamina drug

Side effects Stamina

Stamina can cause irritability, deterioration of health, mental stimulation, decreased concentration, sleep disturbances, nausea, anxiety, gastralgia, diarrhea, appetite loss, headache, increased sexual activity, convulsions, vomiting, tremors, dizziness, constipation, deterioration of angina .

The most common side effects occur after the application of a daily dosage of 5


Stamina can not be used in hemorrhagic stroke, severe renal failure, hypersensitivity.

Under the supervision should take the drug in patients with impaired hemostasis, had undergone a serious operation, heavy bleeding, during lactation, pregnancy.