Spregal - remedy for scabies.

Pharmacological action

Spregal considered combined means as it consists of two components: piperonyl butoxide and esdepaletrin.  Aerosol Spregal

Esdepaletrin - a poison damaging insect cell membranes of nerve and piperonyl included, since it tend to strengthen the action of the first component.

Product form

Spregal produced in the form of an aerosol.

Indications Spregal

Means prescribed infants to older children and adults for the treatment of scabies.

Instructions Spregal: how to use

Before the treatment of scabies, a skin test is necessary to tolerance of components Spregal. If intolerance is detected, begin treatment - in the evening, preferably 18-19 hours. So doing to drug acting at night when insects are active.

Take a shower or bath after treatment the body can not spray. Processing means Spregal entire body except the face and head, spraying it from an aerosol from a distance of 20-30 cm. Apply the product in the order - first on the trunk, then on hands and feet, and should, have been treated to all parts of the body only. This is determined by the appearance of the skin - it starts characteristic shine.

A more thorough treatment of subject areas of the skin between the toes and hands on the folds and armpits, crotch.

Leave Spregal body for 12 hours, after which the body is carefully washed with soap and water.

After the ill treatment of scabies will take place, it must pass the rest of the family. In addition, in order to avoid re-infection to be treated aerosol clothes and bed linen.  Spregal per pack

For a complete cure scabies, only one processing procedure, but reviews of Spregal suggest that symptoms may be felt for about 10 days. If symptoms are noticeable scabies and 10 days after treatment, it is carried out repeatedly.

Side effects Spregal

After applying Spregal may feel a slight burning or tingling. Judging by the reviews of Spregal like symptoms pass quickly.


Spregal of instructions can not be used at an obstructive bronchitis, during lactation, bronchial asthma, hypersensitivity.

Pregnant women Spregal used with caution.