A series of tripartite - herbaceous  Packing Spree
   a plant belonging to the family Asteraceae.

Presented as a decoction, ingestable and infusion used as an external agent.

Medicinal properties of alternating

Extract alternate has choleretic, diuretic, diaphoretic, sedative effect, a positive effect on the metabolism and improving digestion. Oils alternates containing a water-insoluble carotene, effectively reduces inflammation and inhibiting the activity of putrefying bacteria, promote faster healing tightening. Included in the alternate manganese ions have a positive effect on blood clotting and functioning of the endocrine glands, and tannins, more than 66 percent of which are polyphenols give medicinal plants expressed disinfecting properties.

Indications alternate

Extract alternating (both external and internal) is used in the presence of such violations as gout, rheumatism, low back pain, diabetes, bronchitis, metabolic disorders, poor digestion, cancers, bone fractures. As a means of externally applied alternating use as a lotion for atopic dermatitis, diathesis, abrasions, ulcers, tumors, and seborrhea. Properties alternate cause its application in the form of washing and baths to treat gout, arthritis, rickets, exudative diathesis.

Pounded fresh leaves are alternate or applied to the infected sores and wounds, as well as places of snake bites.

In addition, a series of widely used in cosmetics: a decoction of medicinal plants, rubbed into the scalp, can prevent hair loss, and regular washing with infusion of alternating help to eliminate acne, giving facial skin elasticity and softness.

How to use alternate and dosage

Preparation of broth alternates for treating inflammatory diseases is carried out as follows: 500 ml of boiling water poured two tablespoons of chopped dry grass succession. The drink is brewed for an hour, then filtered and raw materials used inside of 1 tablespoon 3 times a day. The infusion can also be used as a means for external use - for washing, rinsing and lotions for the treatment and prevention of skin diseases.


Despite the fact that the succession  A series in the bottle
 in properties is harmless medicinal plant, its uncontrolled use can cause considerable damage to human health. The extract and butter alternating tripartite not recommended for use for children under three years old, and women who are on the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.

Side effects

Excess dosage of the drug can provoke nervous excitability, seizures, irritability and panic attacks, as well as the violation of a chair, hypotension, general weakness of the body.


For therapeutic purposes, is not allowed preparation and use of other naturally occurring species alternate but alternating tripartite -Cheredy radiation and alternate bowed. Be careful: the collection and use of alternate, not intended for medicinal use, can lead to poisoning!