Spazgan is combined drugs belonging to Groups spasmolytic and analgesic agents. The drug comes in tablet form and a solution for intravenous injection.

Tablets: flat, round white or yellowish with a logo on one side and scored on the other.  Tablets spazgan

Injection: colorless, transparent or light yellowish tinge.

Composition spazgan:

1 tablet medicament comprises 500 mg metamizole sodium pitofenone hydrochloride 5 mg and 100 mg fenpiveriniya bromide.

1 vial of solution for injection contains 1 g metamizol sodium, 400 mg pitofenone hydrochloride and 4 mg fenpiveriniya bromide.

The three-part spazgan leads to strengthening of their pharmacological action.

Pharmacological action spazgan

The instructions to the mutual reinforcement Spazganu celebrated thanks to the combined properties of the drug combination of components that have analgesic and antispasmodic properties. Metamizole has antipyretic and analgesic effect and included in the spazgan pitofenone fenpiveriniya bromide hydrochloride and relax the smooth muscles, giving her complete papaverinopodobnoe action.

Indications Spazganu

Application spazgan recommended for mild to moderate pain syndrome, spasms of smooth muscles of the intestines, bladder and ureter, renal, gastric, biliary colic. Reviews Spazganu to confirm the efficacy of the drug when biliary dyskinesia, chronic colitis, postcholecystectomy syndrome, diseases of the pelvic organs. In some cases, a drug used in therapeutic treatment of intermittent myalgia, arthralgia, neuralgia, sciatica.

It is also testimony to the Spazganu not exclude the use of the drug as an aid in removing pain after diagnostic procedures and surgical interventions.

Contraindications spazgan

The drug is not recommended for use in the presence of hypersensitivity to the components forming part spazgan (including pyrazolone derivatives), renal and liver failure, severe angina, tachyarrhythmias, prostatic hyperplasia, intestinal obstruction. Do not use spazgan during pregnancy (especially in I and III trimester), breastfeeding. During pregnancy, the drug is justified only if the indications for Spazganu exceed the risk of malformations in the fetus.

When administered intravenously spazgan contraindicated in infancy (up to 3 months), tablets - in children younger than 5 years.

Side effects

According to the instructions Spazganu, the drug has the following side effects:

  • From the urinary system: oliguria, renal failure, proteinuria, anuria, urine staining in red color;
  • On the part of the cardiovascular system and the blood: decreased blood pressure, tachycardia, cardiac arrhythmias, thrombocytopenia, agranulocytosis, leukopenia;
  • On the part of the central nervous system: headache, dizziness.

The feedback to the Spazganu spoke about possible allergic reactions: angioedema, rash, in rare cases - Stevens-Johnson syndrome (malignant exudative erythema) bronhospastichesky syndrome, epidermal necrolysis, anaphylactic shock.

If symptoms of overdose can cause hypotension, vomiting, drowsiness, nausea, seizures, impaired kidney and liver function. As treatment apply gastric lavage, activated charcoal, other symptomatic therapy.

Interaction spazgan with other drugs

Despite the indications for Spazganu, solution for injection is not recommended to be combined with other drugs. In a joint application with butyrophenones, tricyclic antidepressants, phenothiazines, quinidine and amantadine, on responses to the Spazganu, there has been increasing m-anticholinergic action. Simultaneous administration of the drug chlorpromazine can cause severe hyperthermia and allopurinol and oral contraceptives increase the toxicity of the drug. According to the instructions, spazgan not compatible with penicillin, colloidal blood substitutes and radiopaque drugs.  Spazgan ampoules


During the period of spazgan should not take ethanol, alcoholic beverages, drive and engage in activities that require the speed of mental and physical reactions.

The feedback to the Spazganu warned about the need to control the treatment of the content of leukocytes in peripheral blood. At the slightest suspicion of thrombocytopenia and agranulocytosis, recommended immediately stop taking the drug! Spazganom unacceptable treatment in order to reduce acute pain in the abdomen - to determine their causes.

Application and dosage spazgan

The instructions to Spazganu states that the dosage of the drug depends on the age and characteristics of the patient. Nevertheless, the recommended dosage in the presence of the indications for Spazganu is 6 tablets per day (for adults and children over 15 years old), 3 tablets a day (for children between the ages of 13-15 years old) and one tablet a day for children aged 6 -12 years. Spazgan daily dose should not exceed 6 tablets or 10 ml.

Intravenous injections should be done slowly, under the strict control of heart rate, respiration and blood pressure. When this injection must be at room temperature.

Tablets spazgan, reviews, use inside, after eating, drinking plenty of water.

Instruction Spazganu is not a recommendation to use the drug. Before use, check with your doctor!