Solkovagina - combined preparation for cauterization of cervical erosion.  Solkovagina

Pharmacological action Solkovagina

According to the instructions Solkovagina refers to a group mestnonekrotiziruyuschih solutions for outdoor applications. It contains in its composition, acetic acid, oxalic acid, nitric acid, zinc nitrate, which promote cell death (necrosis) dystopic epithelium in the area of ​​application of the solution.

Normally, the cervical canal is lined with high cylindrical epithelial cells and vaginal part of the cervix, as well as the vagina itself covered by stratified squamous epithelium. For various reasons, the columnar epithelium is moved to stratified squamous epithelium, and can be found in the area of ​​the neck. This phenomenon is called the dystopia of the epithelium, or pseudo that requires cautery. Without treatment, a portion of the erosion may become infected or be malignancy. Moxibustion Solkovagina makes ectopic epithelium and stroma viable, while not ruining more stable stratified squamous epithelium. Devitalized portion retained, and after a while replaced the usual cervical epithelium.

Product form

The drug is available in vials of 0, 5 ml, 2 per pack.

Indications Solkovagina

Solkovagina instructions for use to combat benign degeneration of cervical epithelium as its ectopic (eg, pseudo, cervical ectopia) with polyps of the cervical canal, but only if the endometriosis is removed, when granulomas after surgical removal of the uterus and cysts Nabothian glands. In the opinion of Solkovagina effective in shallow erosions, in the case of more severe lesions have to choose other methods of treatment.


Moxibustion Solkovagina prohibited in the case of the malignant nature of the lesion of the cervix, and even if there is only a suspicion of it, with dysplastic epithelial nature of the amended section, in the case of intolerance to the components of the solution. The consequences are unknown Solkovagina when applied during pregnancy and breast-feeding, so in these cases, use of the drug is also not recommended.

Instructions for use Solkovagina

Apply Solkovagina on the surface of the cervix can only specially trained gynecologist, colposcopy wielding skills. Prior to treatment, be sure to study the suspicious area or dysplastic epithelium to malignant transformation, as moxibustion Solkovagina allowed only in the case of ectopic benign. Hospitalization is not required, but the procedure should be carried out only in a medical institution.  Solution for local application Solkovagina

The affected area of ​​the epithelium before application must be dry and clean. To better define the limits of the procedure affected area is treated with 3% acetic solution. After this zone ectopic twice with an interval of 1-2 minutes irrigate ball diameter of approximately 0, 5 cm, moistened with a solution of Solkovagina. In the case of double moxibustion treatment effect will be more reliable. The treated portion becomes light gray. One ampoule is enough for one of the cautery. After 2 weeks of required visual inspection to monitor healing. If the positive result is not achieved, requires repeated twice Solkovagina moxibustion. Thereafter gynecologist examines cervix after 4 weeks. Sometimes greater erosion, if the desired result is not achieved after 6 days following control can cause the drug again.

With the medical staff should be treated with extreme caution, in contact with skin, vaginal wall, eyes Solkovagina consequences could be severe burns. If it does happen, it is necessary to wash the contact area immediately with running water or 1% sodium bicarbonate (baking soda).

For the entire period of treatment the patient should eliminate swimming and baths, vaginal sex.

This method of cauterization of cervical erosion painless and safe, has no overall effect on the body, a good alternative to traditional methods of laser treatment. Recommended for use in nulliparous women.

side effects

In the opinion of Solkovagina when applied to the cervix can cause small local redness and burning. If you apply for Solkovagina instructions, serious side effects, including scarring and deformation of the cervical canal, it is not marked.