Solkoderm - combined preparation, providing and mummified cauterizing effect, which is used for the topical treatment of benign skin lesions.  Solkoderm

Pharmacological action Solkoderm

Solkoderm has a local effect in the treatment of superficial skin lesions that are benign.

The complex of active ingredients of the drug acts on the affected area of ​​the skin, providing intravital fixation with further tissue mummification.

As a result of Solkoderm skin discolored to yellowish or pale gray color, and later, as mummification, is painted in a dark brown color.

After a few days (in some cases - weeks) formed under the influence of the drug mummified scab gradually exfoliate.

Typically, after applying Solkoderm Review healing occurs rapidly, with the appearance of the scar tissue, or secondary infections occur in rare cases.

Solkoderm on instructions has no systemic effect on the body as is used in minimum doses.

Product form

The drug release Solkoderm as a colorless transparent solution for external application, in which 1 ml contains:

  • 41, 1 mg of 99% acetic acid;
  • 580, 7 mg of 70% nitric acid;
  • 57, 4 mg of oxalic acid dihydrate;
  • 48 g of copper nitrate (II) trihydrate;
  • 4, 5 mg of 90% lactic acid.

The auxiliary component Solkoderm - distilled water.

The ampoules of 0, 2 ml. The kit also includes a plastic applicator or glass capillaries.

Analogs Solkoderm

The closest analogue Solkoderm mechanism of action is a topical solution Duofilm, Verrukatsid and Kolomak.

In addition, a similar therapeutic effect Solkoderm analogs also provide other dosage forms:

  • Ointment for external use - Protivomozolnaya, sulfur-salicylic;
  • Plaster - Mozolin, Urgokor.

Indications Solkoderm

According to the instructions Solkoderm used topically for the treatment of benign skin changes at:

  • Nevokletochnom nevus, which had previously been tested for goodness (Naevus naevo-cellularis);
  • Common warts (Verruca vulgaris);
  • Genital warts (Condylomata acuminata);
  • Plantar warts (Verruca plantaris).


Solkoderm contraindicated for instructions apply:

  • In malignant skin tumors, which tend to metastasize (including malignant melanoma);
  • Inflamed areas of the skin.

In addition, Solkoderm not recommended in the presence of a pronounced tendency to form scar tissue, as well as be used to remove keloid scars and freckles.

In pediatrics Solkoderm allowed to use the age of five.

Due to the lack of clinical trials apply Solkoderm pregnant and lactating women only if indicated under medical supervision.

It should be particularly careful in the treatment of Solkoderm skin areas that had previously been treated with other methods or drugs.

After a biopsy of the affected area of ​​the skin you should wait at least 10 days, after which you can start treatment solution Solkoderm.

In case of contact Solkoderm:

  • In healthy skin - solution should immediately remove with a cotton swab moistened with water;
  • The eye - wash with plenty of water or weakly alkaline solution.

Dosing Solkoderm

Solkoderm recommended under the supervision of a doctor or qualified medical personnel.

Prior to application of the drug portion of the skin is usually treated with ether or ethyl alcohol.

For application Solkoderm skin should be used in the package the plastic applicator with blunt and sharp ends. For small areas of affected skin is mainly used the sharp edge of the applicator, and for the treatment of extensive lesions should use the blunt end.

In some cases, as an alternative method of applying the product, used a glass capillary also supplied complete with Solkoderm. To fill the capillary, it is dipped for several minutes in a solution of the drug.

Solkoderm Review applied with caution is recommended to avoid the use of too large volumes of solution which may cause damage to the deep tissue layers.

The optimal solution to the extent that the fabric is able to fully absorb.

Before processing keratinized warts Solkoderm recommended to remove the top layer of the stratum corneum.

When the affected skin with a diameter greater than 10 mm Solkoderm can be used only in cases of pathological change only the top layer of skin.  Duofilm - similar Solkoderm

Treatment Solkoderm in numerous skin lesions usually carried out in several stages, with an interval of not less than one month. Optimally during each procedure to handle no more than three lesions. The total should not exceed 2-3 cm2.

The treated skin area Solkoderm for several days dries, forming a scab, and painted in a dark brown color. Repeat procedures when poor mummification changed tissue is performed in a few days.

To fix the effect of the treatment undergone mummification pathologically altered tissue, the affected areas is recommended to handle up to three times a day, moistened with a solution of ethyl alcohol (70%) pad (especially after washing or bathing).

After applying Solkoderm should wait for instructions spontaneous withering away scab. Contraindicated to remove it by mechanical means to avoid scarring and violations of the healing process of tissues.

Too large a dose can Solkoderm damage deeper skin layers, and in some cases - to the appearance of acid burns.

Side effects Solkoderm

Solkoderm Review may cause minor local reactions:

  • Mild transient erythema;
  • Transient stinging (usually within a few minutes after applying the solution Solkoderm);
  • Around the site of application of the solution - the emergence of the white ring on the healthy skin of a temporary nature and does not require special treatment.

In very rare cases, the use of Solkoderm reviews can cause scarring and skin discoloration.

When the pain at the time of application Solkoderm treatment is recommended to interrupt.

In marked local irritation and severe itching at the site adjacent to the application of the drug is recommended to use areas of skin ointment anesthetic effect or cream containing steroids.

Storage conditions

Solkoderm relates to topical preparations, which should be treated with caution. Prescription. Shelf life - 24 months.