Sodium thiosulfate

T  Sodium thiosulfate
 iosulfat sodium - a treatment for poisoning.

Pharmacological action

The tool has antiparasitic, antiscabietic, detoxification and anti-inflammatory effect, removes toxins, inhibits allergic reactions.

Product form

Produce powder and sodium thiosulfate.

Indications Sodium thiosulfate

The use of sodium thiosulfate is effective for poisoning with arsenic, lead, mercury, cyanide, bromine, iodine salts.

Inside and intravenous sodium thiosulfate prescribed for allergies, arthritis, neuralgia.

External application means shown in scabies. Scabicide agents may act because in acid medium cleaved sodium thiosulfate, sulfur dioxide forming sulfur and thereby causing the death of the itch mite, its eggs.

It is also used sodium thiosulfate in gynecology for the treatment of infertility, tuberculosis, elimination of cysts in the ovary.


Sodium thiosulfate according to the instructions contraindicated in lactating, pregnant women, in case of hypersensitivity.

Instructions for use Sodium thiosulfate

If poisoning remedy taken orally for 2-3gr at a time in the form of a 10% solution. Sodium thiosulfate administered intravenously at a dosage of 5-50ml solution 30%. The exact dosage depends on the severity and type of poisoning.

When cyanide poisoning sodium thiosulfate according to the instructions recommended combined with sodium hyposulfite and sodium nitrite. Also in this type of poisoning can not delay the introduction of antidotes and observe the patient for 24-48ch. If at this time the symptoms of intoxication return, the drug is administered again, but at half the dosage.

For scabies used as a means of rubbing a 60% solution of sodium thiosulfate. Rub the solution for 2-3 minutes on the line at the left and right arms, torso, left and right legs. Whole procedure takes 10-15min, then make a break, wait until the skin is dry, and the deposition of the crystals. Following the same sequence repeated rubbing of the solution is carried out, and this time after it dries on the skin are applied in the same manner and with the same period of 6% solution of hydrochloric acid. Wash the patient during treatment are allowed three days after rubbing.

 Sodium thiosulfate
 Inside sodium thiosulfate is used to cleanse the body and, in particular, blood and lymph. To do this within 10 days should take one vial of the drug diluted in a glass of water on such a scheme:

  • morning for half an hour or an hour before breakfast should be taken 0, 5 cups of the solution;
  • night for half an hour, an hour before dinner, or two hours after it to drink the remaining half cup.

The morning after the reception means may be a slight upset stomach. During the 10 days of the drug is recommended to abstain from meat, milk, drink plenty of fluids. At this time, particularly useful in citrus juices, dilute with water. The result is clean: improvement of the skin, hair and nails, efficiency, a slight decrease in weight, leaves nervousness and allergies, greatly facilitated the condition of patients with psoriasis.

Sodium thiosulfate in gynecology rarely appointed as an independent therapeutic agent. In the treatment of infertility caused by the absence of ovulation, the intravenous administration of the drug is combined with plasmapheresis sessions, intramuscular injections aktovegina transorbital electrophoresis and nicotinic acid. After this treatment indicated termination of metabolic processes, causing anovulation.

Upon detection of cysts in the ovaries for their elimination means combined with diclofenac, and Dimexidum Vishnevsky ointment.

For the treatment of tuberculosis in gynecology sodium thiosulfate include nonspecific therapy: treatment is carried out with the help of enzymes - drugs or lidasa ronidaza and antioxidants - vitamin E and sodium thiosulfate, which is administered intravenously at 10 ml with an interval of one or two days. Total for the course of treatment carried out 40 or 50 injections of the drug.

Side effects

Application of sodium thiosulfate can cause allergic intolerance means.