Sodium tetraborate

 Tetrabonat sodium
 Sodium tetraborate - means against yeast, also known as borax glycerin.

Pharmacological action

Sodium tetraborate - a tool with antiseptic and bacteriostatic action, boric acid derivative.

It removes fungus from the mucous inhibits its reproduction, so effective use of sodium tetraborate for thrush.

As an antimicrobial agent include sodium tetraborate of the combined drugs for the treatment of inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.

The substance is beneficial only when applied to damaged skin and mucous membranes. Through them he absorbed in the intestine, and displays the active substance through the intestines and kidneys for a week after application.

Product form

Producing sodium tetraborate glycerol - 20% solution for topical application. Synonym: Borax.

Indications of sodium tetraborate

Sodium tetraborate of instructions used for lesions of the mouth, throat, genitals, upper respiratory and urinary tract infections caused by Candida.

Also effective solution tetraborat20% solution for disinfecting bedsores and diaper rash.

Mode of application

T  Sodium tetraborate thrush used as douching genitals
 etraborat sodium used as a douching genital skin treatment, rinsing the mouth and throat.

Candidiasis that struck the oral mucosa, the solution of sodium tetraborate is used for the treatment of lesions 2-3r / day for 3-7dn.

Sodium tetraborate thrush female genital mutilation is used only after douching boiled water or a decoction of herbal anti-inflammatory. Thereafter administered gauze swab soaked in a drug into the vagina and left for 20-30min. Multiplicity of procedures depends on the course of the disease if the itching and vaginal discharge are negligible, sodium tetraborat20% used one p / day, and if the symptoms are pronounced candidiasis, and it is in the chronic phase, it is necessary to carry out the procedure, two p / day. In order to avoid relapse, treatment is preferably carried out for weeks, even if the symptoms disappeared thrush.

When tonsillitis sodium tetraborate in glycerin is used to treat tonsil 4-6r / day. Treatment lasts at least 7 days. To enhance the therapeutic effect should gargle with saline sodium tetraborate: in a glass of water diluted with a tea spoon of salt with a few drops of the solution.

Side effects

The brown spot treatment may feel a burning sensation and redness of the skin or mucous membranes. In this case, the means necessary to wash off.

There's also an overdose of the drug, symptoms are abdominal pain, appetite loss, vomiting, dehydration, confusion, diarrhea, weakness, dermatitis, menstrual disorders, hair loss, muscle twitching hands and feet, the face, impaired kidney function, liver, heart. These eliminate the effects of gastric lavage, forced diuresis conduct. If the poisoning is severe, hemodialysis is administered intramuscularly mononukletoid riboflavin (10 mg / d) intravenously infused solution of sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride solutions, plasma substitutes, dextrose. If there is pain in the abdomen shows 1ml subcutaneous administration of atropine solution, a solution platifillina, promedola, intravenous administration of a mixture of dextrose, procaine.

Lethal dose of sodium tetraborate considered 10-20gr 20%.

Contra-indicated in the instructions for sodium tetraborate

Sodium tetraborate for instructions contraindicated in significant damage to the skin and mucous membranes, during lactation, pregnancy, hypersensitivity. The tool is not intended for internal use.

Because of increased toxicity recommended facility in pediatrics.