Sodium hydroxybutyrate

 Sodium hydroxybutyrate
 Sodium hydroxybutyrate - a drug for anesthesia.

Pharmacological action

Sodium hydroxybutyrate has a relaxing and sedative effect in high doses induces sleep and enters the patient into a state of anesthesia.

The drug is peculiar and antihypoxia effect - it increases the stability of the retina, heart and brain tissue oxygen deficiency

It was found that the drug did not painkillers but enhances the effect of drugs, analgesics and narcotics, it brings patients from a state of shock.

By means of action similar to Aminalon, but unlike it easier to penetrate the central nervous system.

Product form

Sodium hydroxybutyrate can buy in the form of a solution, syrup or powder.

Indications Sodium hydroxybutyrate

Sodium hydroxybutyrate neinglyatsionnogo used as a drug for anesthesia in lung nepolostnyh operations preserving spontaneous respiration.

Effective preparation and conduct basic and induction of anesthesia in gynecology, obstetrics, particularly in patients in a state of hypoxia; anesthesia for elderly patients and children.

Buy sodium hydroxybutyrate possible and to apply it in ophthalmology for the treatment of open-angle glaucoma: the action of the drug in the retina are activated oxidation processes, and improving eyesight.

In psychiatry used agent for the treatment of neurotic states, improving night's sleep, the treatment of patients with poisonings and traumatic lesions of the nervous system.

There are also data on the efficacy of treatment for trigeminal neuralgia.


The tool is contraindicated in infants, hypokalemia. With care prescribe it to pregnant women suffering from hypertension.

Persons whose work requires quick mental or physical reaction, and are being treated neurosis, glaucoma and other diseases is not recommended tool in the daytime because of its sedative effect.

Buy sodium hydroxybutyrate only by prescription, use it yourself is not recommended.

Instructions for use Sodium hydroxybutyrate

Sodium hydroxybutyrate according to the instructions applied intramuscularly, intravenously and inside.

Intravenous drug excitable patients, patients are physically strong 70-120mg / kg body weight; immunocompromised patients are 50-70mg / kg. Before introducing agent is dissolved in a solution of glucose - 50-100ml. Deposit of funds to be slow, its effect is observed after 5-7min.

Stage of anesthesia required for surgical procedures occurs within 30-40min after the administration and lasts 2-4ch.

Intramuscularly for anesthesia by sodium oxybutyrate instructions administered in a dosage 120-150mg / kg or 100 / mg when combined with barbiturates.

The use of funds within the prescribed counting 100-200mg / kg. Patients for 40-60min before surgery provide ready-5% syrup or powder dissolved in water.

If the patient using the drug entered in the base anesthesia, anesthesia should support basic ftorotanom, ether, nitrous oxide, STADOL, ketamine, fentanyl.

Babies for induction of anesthesia with sodium hydroxybutyrate according to the instructions prescribed taken orally or intravenously. Inside give 150mg / kg of the drug, and for 5-10min intravenously administered 100 mg / kg, dissolved in 30-50ml glucose solution.

Prior to anesthesia using the drug conducted premedication - the patient is given atropine, promedol, Promethazine-pipolfen.

For obstetric anesthesia administered agent for 10-15min at a dosage of 50-60mg / kg diluted in glucose 40%. You can take the drug into the calculation of 40-80mg / kg. Surface anesthesia or sleep lasts 1 5-3ch. When the need for cesarean section the drug is administered intravenously at a dose of 60-70mg / kg and are accompanied by intratracheal  Sodium hydroxybutyrate according to the instructions applied intramuscularly, intravenously and inside
 anesthesia, mechanical ventilation and intermittent administration of muscle relaxants.

For the treatment of cerebral edema caused by hypoxia, the drug is administered in a dosage of 50-100mg / kg. For the treatment of the retina taken orally 0, 75-1, 3-4r 5g / day for a month. The therapy is best done courses 2-3r / year.

For the treatment of neurological conditions stabilize sleep glaucoma using 66, 7% aqueous solution before use further diluted with water to give a 5% solution: The contents of one vial of 66, 7% solution of (37, 7 ml) is poured into a separate container and dilute to 0, 5 liters of boiled and cooled water. Take 0, 75gr (one spoon) sodium hydroxybutyrate 2-3r 5% / day and 1, 5-2, 25g (two or three spoons, respectively) for the night. The treatment lasts a month, glaucoma repeat courses 2-3r / year.

side effects

Sodium hydroxybutyrate is well tolerated, does not have a pronounced effect on respiration, heart, blood vessels, kidneys, liver.

With the rapid introduction means may be motor stimulation, jerking of the arms, legs, tongue. If these complications occur, they can arrest barbiturates, promedolom, neuroleptics.

It can also be vomiting, and an overdose - respiratory arrest.

When you exit the anesthesia conducted with the help of the drug, in some cases, there are verbal, motor excitation. To accelerate the recovery from anesthesia can be applied Bemegride.

Also instructions sodium hydroxybutyrate pointed out that the long-term treatment means can begin hypokalemia.