Sodium fluoride

 Sodium fluoride - a means for the prevention of dental caries
 Sodium fluoride - a means for preventing caries.

Pharmacological action

Means stimulating the mineralization of teeth has a bactericidal effect, contributes to the formation and hardening of the enamel, helps prevent tooth decay.

The use of sodium fluoride helps reduce bone resorption, and in combination with a calcium and vitamin D3 fluoro promotes bone calcification.

Product form

Producing fluoro tablets, powder for 0, 05% 0, 2% solution. Also, it includes a composition for dental hygiene agents.


The use of sodium fluoride is effective for the treatment and prevention of caries, treatment of primary and secondary osteoporosis, plasmacytoma, osteomalacia, diffuse metastases in bone.

Good reviews of sodium fluoride, which is used to relieve symptoms of increased congenital bone fragility

mode of application

 Sodium Fluoride
 For the prevention of tooth decay and other dental diseases 2-6l children. give tablets with fluorine at 0, 0011gr, children after 6L. - 0, 0022gr. Take one tablet p / day.

The tool is best taken after a meal, drink water. Good result gives the annual prevention of dental diseases in children up to 14L when the assets are for 8 months every day.

Kids and adults after 16 liters for prevention is recommended to rinse the mouth with an aqueous solution of fluoride after each hygienic cleaning teeth and after meals. Begin with the prevention of the use of the solution 0, 05%, which rinse the mouth three p / day for one minute every day. After some time, using 0, 2% solution - and three p / day, but once 1-2ned.

At the same time, you can take pills rinses with fluoride.

side effects

Reviews of sodium fluoride in most positive, it is well tolerated by children and adults. But in the case of individual intolerance may be nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, anorexia, dental fluorosis - a pathology formation of tooth enamel, accompanied by the appearance of her brown and yellow spots, increased brittleness and abrasion.

Allergy to remedy manifest as rhinitis, skin rash, eosinophilia.

Prolonged use of sodium fluoride can cause osteosclerosis, arthritis of the hip, knee, ankle, attaching the ossification of ligaments and tendons, fatigue, blurred vision, headache.

Overdose may cause thyroid dysfunction.


Do not take sodium fluoride in pathologies of the liver, gastrointestinal ulcers, pregnancy, hypothyroidism, hypersensitivity, renal insufficiency, during lactation.

With careful use of fluorinated products people living in areas where there is a high content of fluoride in water - is greater than 0, 8 mg / l.

During the treatment of osteoporosis, periodic X-ray examination of the spine to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment and to detect early stages of fluorosis.

If the treatment means are patients with blood disorders, should regularly donate blood for analysis.

Babies 6-10l. It should not take more than a means to a dosage of 1 mg / day.

The effect of sodium fluoride preparations reduce lowering gastric acidity, and slow down the absorption of aluminum fluoride, magnesium and calcium.