Sodium bromide

 Sodium bromide
 Sodium bromide - means a sedative effect.

Pharmacological action

Sodium bromide has a sedative effect due to its ability to stimulate the processes of inhibition in the cortex.

The tool eliminates cramps, restores the balance between the processes of inhibition and excitation, which is especially effective in the increased excitability of the nervous system.

Sodium bromide is absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, and is displayed for a long time, kidneys, milk and sweat glands, intestines.

Means the maximum concentration in the blood after 12 days is halved.

Product form

Producing a solution of sodium bromide for internal use.

Indications Sodium bromide

The main purpose funds - eliminate insomnia and irritability. It also has been used successfully in the treatment of neuroses, neurasthenia, hysteria, arterial hypertension in the initial stage, chorea, epilepsy.


Sodium bromide according to the instructions can not be assigned under: renal, hepatic, respiratory failure, anemia, atherosclerosis, depression, hypotension, hypersensitivity.

Instructions for use of sodium bromide

A solution of bromide adult appointed to take on 0, 1-1gr three or four p / day. Babies under one year is prescribed 50-100mg, children up to 2 years - 150 mg, children 3-4L. - 200mg, children 5-6L. - 250mg, kids 7-9l. - 300mg, children 10-14l. - Up to 500 mg.

In epilepsy, sodium bromide, according to instructions from the beginning to take the dosage 1-2gr / day and gradually increase the dose 1-2gr every week until the maximum level 6-8gr. Thus during treatment is desirable to limit the use of common salt (up 5-10gr / day when assigning bromide dosage 4-5gr) - this can greatly increase the therapeutic effect.

 Sodium bromide - a solution for internal use
 For the treatment of children use a special formulation: 3.1% bromide solution with fruit syrup. Children up to the year give 5ml solution children 2n. - 10ml, 3-6l. - 15ml, kids 7-9l. - 22, 5 ml, 10-14l. - 30ml. three p / day.

Side effects

A solution of sodium bromide can cause memory loss, fatigue, skin rash, cough, rhinitis, conjunctivitis.

If these side effects appeared, to remove them the patient is administered a solution of sodium chloride in the amount of 10-20gr / day, administered excessive drinking - 3-8l / day. Thus it is necessary for a regular bowel movement, often rinse their mouths and wash skin, limit salt intake.