International name SODECOR.  Sodekor

Active substance

Sodekor represents tincture hydroalcoholic extract from a mixture of herbs.

For the manufacture of 1000 ml Sodekora used:

• sea buckthorn fresh fruits 5, 00 g;

• dandelion roots 2, 70 g;

• Coriander fruits 0, 04 g;

• Pine Siberian pine nuts 0, 40 g;

• 4 cinnamon bark, 52 g;

• Cardamom fruits 4, 06 g;

• licorice root 0, 06 g;

• 2 cloves buds, 71 g;

• Elecampane roots with rhizomes 27, 31 g;

• 2 Ginger medicament rhizomes, 50 g;

• Purified water about 1,000 ml;

• Ethanol 95% - 622, 4 ml.

According to the instructions in Sodekore concentration of ethanol is at least 40%. Sodekor is a liquid red-brown color with a characteristic odor.

Pharmacological action Sodekora

The drug has a tonic, restorative, radioprotective effect, increases nonspecific resistance of the organism, providing anti-inflammatory effect, improves mental and physical performance.

Indications Sodekora

It is used for fatigue, as an aid during recovery of the body after illness, the treatment of pneumonia, chronic and acute bronchitis, influenza, acute respiratory infections, with intense physical and mental stress.

It is also used when restoring Sodekor:

• After radiotherapy;

• In the treatment of fractures;

• After psychotherapy;

• After surgery;

• After chemotherapy.

It may be administered as a prophylactic during the epidemiological risk of influenza and acute respiratory disease.


Arterial hypertension, hypersensitivity to the components Sodekora.

Side effects Sodekora

Side effects may appear as allergic reactions. Exceeding the recommended dosage may occur headache and increased blood pressure.  Tincture Sodekor

Instructions for use and dosage Sodekora

Used Sodekor inside orally. In the combined therapy daily dosage is 15-30 ml taken 1-3 times a day. The course of treatment lasts from three weeks to one month. Before using the drug is dissolved in 200 ml of pure water or tea. A second course of taking the drug should be agreed with your physician.

As a precaution Sodekor appoint 5 ml (one teaspoon), diluted in a little water, taken in 1-3 receiving per day, half an hour before a meal. The duration of prophylactic course of one month.

Before use, according to instructions recommended Sodekor shake.

Form release Sodekora

Sodekor comes in glass bottles of 30-50-100-125 ml, as well as in glass jars of 100 ml and more.

Storage conditions

The drug must be in place, protected from light, without access to his children.

Shelf life

2 years.