Soap nuts

Useful properties of soap nuts

 Tree with soap nuts
 Soap nuts are called fruit soap tree, native to India. There are nuts in November and December, they are round-shaped, yellowish-brown color, no more than 2, 5 cm in diameter.

For a man is worth a nutshell, contains natural foaming agents - saponin, which has detergent properties, and they completely break up, getting into the environment and, therefore, in contrast to the modern household chemicals, it does not pollute. The same gentle soap nuts have an impact on the human body - they are non-toxic, do not cause allergies, have no smell, so they can be used for washing, rinsing the laundry, washing dishes. Using nuts instead of detergents for dishes and laundry powders saves people from contact through clothing and the food absorption with various chemical compounds which are known bad rinse and cause deterioration of immunity, allergy, diseases of the skin. In cosmetic use soap nuts for hair, skin care, treatment of skin diseases.

Soap nuts have antibacterial properties that reduce inflammation, accelerate wound healing, reduce increased secretion of sweat glands.

The use of soap nuts

As already mentioned, the interest nutshells - it must be put in a bag made of fabric, preferably from flax, and crushed.

If the nuts are used for automatic washing, lay the bag in the drum together with the laundry and wash as usual. On average, one has to wash 2-5 nuts. If the water is hard, or the quality of the wash is not satisfactory, you can increase the amount of the shell.

Judging by the reviews, soap nuts can be used more than once. If the laundry is held at a temperature of not more than 50 degrees, the shell can be applied 3-4 times, if greater than 50 degrees, only 1-2 times.

If hand washing is assumed, the same bag of crushed shells placed in a laundry tub filled with warm water (it should be noted that the saponins found in shells of soap nuts begin to operate exclusively in warm water). Once the bag was placed in the water, it is necessary to knead it and prevent water until frothy. In this water soaked underwear, then rinsed in the cool water. In the water to rinse the nuts can still add, so linen becomes softer.

Hair soap nuts are used as a decoction. You must fill 10-15 pieces of crushed walnut shells, pour a liter of water and boil for half an hour of their. The result is a broth-like liquid soap. Keep it may be another two weeks in the refrigerator.

When using nuts to wash your hair should be aware that they wash their head as a regular shampoo will not work - a decoction liquid water. It is recommended to pour broth and immediately head massage, and you can collect the hair merges with liquid soap into a container and then watered her head until the hair is cleansed. Foams thus can not be washed but the hair and without it.

Reviews of soap nuts say that for washing long hair should take a decoction of the nuts 8, to wash short - 3 walnut and even less - for washing children's hair. The exact rate depends on the hardness of the shell of the water and fat levels hair.

It has been observed that nuts help to get rid of dandruff, but is advised during treatment Back comb and wash the nuts using his hat.  Soap nuts

Soap nuts are also used for hair weakened, dyed hair, in addition, a decoction of the shell helps to stop hair loss.

A decoction of the nuts can be used for eczema, psoriasis, herpes, fungi and other skin diseases - noted that the protective function of the skin are increased, it becomes smooth and soft.

The broth can be used not only in the cosmetic purposes - they wash dishes, zastiryvayut linen, water and fertilize plants.

Keep soap nuts should be in a cool, dry place. Sometimes the nuts stick together, but their quality is not displayed, use them as well as nuts and dry.


Besides individual intolerance, contraindications have no soap nuts.

Do not allow contact with the eye nut broth - saponins irritate mucous membranes. If this happens, rinse the eyes well enough.