To combat obesity, many have resorted to the use of dietary supplements. Capsules "Bilayt" diet is positioned as a safe and effective tool for rapid weight loss. In Russia, this drug has not passed official registration.  Capsules for weight correction Bilayt
   However, our compatriots have the opportunity to take advantage of "Bilaytom" by buying it abroad, or via the Internet.

Capsules "Bilayt" slimming

The instructions state that the composition of capsules "Bilayt": lotus leaf, bracket-fungus Poria kokosovidnaya, the inner shell of chicken stomach, rhizome discoria opposite, the fruit of the hawthorn. That is, in the formulation used only natural and harmless components. The manufacturer claims that this combination of herbs helps to normalize the disturbed metabolism, which naturally leads to getting rid of unnecessary kilograms. "Bilayt" contributes to the disappearance of hidden edema, splitting reserves of adipose tissue, improving blood flow in small vessels.

Of course, this all sounds quite tempting .  But, nevertheless, we should not blindly believe advertising .  The difficulties with the registration of capsules "Bilayt" Slimming in Russia are not random .  Most likely the drug as a number of its predecessors, and is composed of not only officially specified ingredients .  Reviews of "Bilan" confirm this idea .  The action of biologically active food supplements specific enough .  Almost everyone who took capsules, there was a sharp drop in appetite, insomnia, palpitations .  These symptoms are likely to indicate the presence of "Bilan" of active ingredients stimulates the central nervous system .  The closest effect is based on the drugs amphetamine or sibutramine .  These substances are active on the mental processes in our country under special supervision .  Their use is restricted by law .  If according to the expert capsules "Bilayt" these substances are present, such a biologically active food supplement in Russia officially distributed will never .

Risk of psychoactive drugs is not overrated. Those who took the drug and used it for weight loss, faced with a number of side effects. Doctors are always wary of the biologically active food additives. If we are talking about unregistered addition, these fears are increasing many times.

Applications "Bilayta"

The manufacturer recommends taking "Bilayt" course: three capsules twice a day before meals.  Bilayt slimming - indications, analogs, reviews
 In a review of the "Bilan" many are advised to reduce the dose to start three times and take one capsule twice a day. This is a reasonable approach in any way. At least it will be possible to evaluate the efficacy at the lowest dose of side effects and track use.

Doctors do not recommend to experiment on his body and apply any unregistered biologically active food supplements .  But even daring to take the risk, should adhere to certain rules .  Not superfluous and they will be receiving "Bilayta" .  First, remember his sharp impact on appetite .  If you do not feel hunger, it does not mean that the body no longer needs the nutrients .  Your goal - to lose weight and not starve himself to death .  Therefore, make a reasonable menu: Eat at least three meals a day, eat a sufficient amount of healthy dishes (vegetables, fruits, meat and dairy products) .  Second, using "Bilayt" follow the dynamics of weight .  Too fast losing weight, can harm health .  Third, the stimulants in any case can not be combined with smoking, drinking coffee, strong tea .  Fourth, before using biologically active food supplements you should consult with a doctor and undergo at least a minimum inspection .

"Bilayt" strictly contraindicated in pregnant women, nursing mothers, people under 18 and over 50, and all suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system.