Slabilen - a treatment for constipation.

Pharmacological properties Slabilen

This drug belongs to a group of laxatives reflex action. The active ingredient Slabilen - sodium picosulphate. Reaching the large intestine intact, sodium picosulphate exposed there hydrolysis (enzymatic degradation) microflora.  Slabilen vial
 The result is an active metabolite, which has a major therapeutic effect. It is a local irritant end of nerve fibers of the mucous membrane, causing reflex acceleration of peristalsis (contractions of the intestinal wall), and thereby achieved laxative effect. In addition, the drug reduces the absorption of water and ions, the amount of intestinal contents and its osmotic pressure increases, and this also accelerates motility. Result dosing will be evident when it reaches the distal colon, that is after ten - twelve hours after ingestion.

The blood enzymatic degradation product itself Slabilen not absorbed. The drug also does not undergo hepatic and intestinal recycling.

Product form

Slabilen provided in the form of droplets in bottles with dropper dispenser 15 and 30 ml. Take Slabilen inside.

Indications Slabilen

Good reviews Slabilen received the treatment of a group of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, in cases of low tone and peristalsis of the large intestine (atonic constipation). Slabilen also eliminates the delay a bowel movement when the hemorrhoidal lesion and cracks around the anus, in inflammatory lesions of the rectum (proctitis). Recommended application Slabilen in preparation for the instrumental studies (colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, diagnostic biopsy), and radio-opaque examination.


Slabilen can not be used for constipation that are associated with such a serious and life-threatening conditions such as intestinal obstruction, hernia incarceration (eg, inguinal, umbilical) any inflammatory changes in the abdomen and pelvis, including peritonitis (inflammation of the peritoneum ), cystitis, bleeding from the uterus. In this case, the drug can not only hinder the formulation of correct diagnosis, but also aggravate the condition, especially with abdominal pain of unknown origin and the expression of dehydration. Do not take Slabilen intolerance of its components.

In the case of spastic nature of constipation due to increased tone of the intestinal wall, Slabilen of reviews may increase the pain, and it is also not recommended. To understand the nature of the constipation can a doctor. Children under 4 years of use Slabilen prohibited.

Pregnant women in the I trimester of Slabilen instructions contraindicated in II and III trimesters can be applied with caution, under the constant supervision of a physician. Since the drug is not excreted in breast milk during lactation it is not prohibited.

Instructions for use Slabilen

To combat constipation Slabilen sufficiently taken once daily by mouth before going to sleep, drinking any liquid.  Slabilen per pack
 Adults appoint, from 10 - 20 drops, with persistent constipation in a case of not enough pronounced effect of the dose can be raised up to 30 drops to the reception. Children over 4 years of Slabilen start giving instructions at a dose of 5 - 8 drops to receive, if necessary, it can also increase the maximum permissible dose for children - up to 15 drops. Slabilen Review has no specific taste, so the treatment of children it is easy to make, adding to the food or drink.

You should know that while taking Slabilen with broad-spectrum antibiotics reduces the activity of the first. In that case, when used as a laxative Slabilen, requires recalculation dose of cardiac glycosides. When concomitantly with corticosteroids and diuretics may develop disorders of the ion balance in the body.

Without medical supervision Slabilen for instructions take no longer than ten days.

side effect

Occasionally applications Slabilen marked diarrhea, abdominal discomfort, loss of excessive amounts of fluid, violations of water-electrolyte balance, hypotension, weakness, muscle twitching.