Structure and Composition

Skipar produced as an emulsion of yellow or white color, but also in a mixed form, in bottles of 200, 500 and 1000 ml and containing: demineralized water, gum turpentine, castor oil, camphor, salicylic acid, and the extract succession, chamomile extract, sage.  Skipar per pack

Also, as a cream, balm 75 ml tube that contains: demineralized water, soybean oil, horse chestnut extract, glycerin, lingonberry leaf extract, sage extract, birch leaf extract, horsetail extract, carbopol, PEG-400 oleate or isopropyl sodium , Turpentine oil, propyl paraben, methyl paraben, perfume additives.

Pharmacological action Skipara

Contained in the composition Skipara turpentine improves the penetration of active ingredients of the drug (wormwood extract of horse chestnut, birch, leaves, cranberries) in the deeper layers of skin. It improves skin tone, moisturizes and improves its elasticity, has a calming effect.

According to reviews Skipar has a beneficial effect on the skin of any type, cleans it from pollutants, leads to normal moisture content of collagen, slows the aging process. The effect is achieved through a combination of turpentine with an optimized combination of plant extracts.

Indications Skipara

The drug is used in Skipar:

  • The effects of the treatment of myocardial infarction;
  • When arteries (if the pressure does not exceed 140 mm Hg. V.);
  • Sciatica;
  • Treatment of fractures;
  • Rickets;
  • Osteomalacia (bone loss);
  • Anti-aging treatments;
  • Deforming rheumatism with osteoporosis.
  • Severe heart failure;
  • Pulmonary tuberculosis in open form;
  • Mental illness during the acute psychosis;


  • Severe heart failure;
  • Pulmonary tuberculosis in open form;
  • Mental illness during the acute psychosis;
  • Individual intolerance of turpentine.

Skipara Dosage and instructions for use

The drug is used exclusively Skipar externally.

Cream-balm Skipar - rub massaged into the surface of the skin until completely absorbed. After the application can not supercool.  Emulsion Skipar

Emulsion Skipar - before applying the contents of the vial should be shaken, then stir the number corresponding to the number of emulsion baths in 3 liters of hot water.

150-170 liters to fill the bath with warm water and add the prepared solution. Stir the solution in the bath until fully dissolved. The amount of the emulsion for the manufacture of a solution, the water temperature and duration of treatments vary depending on the type of bath and are indicated in the tables for the application attached to Skiparu. After the bath, it is recommended, without drying, wrapped in a towel to dry. The optimal interval between baths 1 day. The whole course is made up of an average of 15-25 baths and repeated 3-4 times a year.


According to the instructions Skiparu bath with white emulsion are shown only for people with low or normal blood pressure. Those who have raised blood pressure, it is recommended to take a bath only with a yellow emulsion. If the result of the white tubs observed increase in blood pressure, you need to go to the option of the mixed yellow-white emulsion Skipara.

It is recommended to avoid the appearance of skin irritation in areas with sensitive skin, before immersion in a bath of petroleum jelly to lubricate the inguinal folds and the crotch, armpits, places with bruises and scratches. Avoid contact with the eyes with water Skiparom, in the opinion of patients have been no complaints about the problem of water in contact with Skiparom in his ears, but it is better to avoid complete immersion in water.

Storage conditions Skipara

Store at + 10 ° C to + 25 ° C.

shelf life

two years.