Skinoren refers to a group of dermatological preparations having strong antibacterial and anti-proliferative effects.  Skinoren gel
 Skinoren is the drug of choice in the treatment of acne .  The active ingredient - azelaic acid - anti-inflammatory, keratolytic, anti-bacterial effect, thus covering all the links in the pathogenesis of acne .  Antibacterial effect due to inhibition of cell division in pathogenic organisms .  It is important that at the moment there is no microbial resistance to azelaic acid .  Thanks keratolytic action skinoren and analogs of this drug is destroyed already arisen comedones and prevents the development of new .  Due to the inhibition of fatty acid synthesis, is irritating to the skin, caused by anti-inflammatory effect .  Due to such effects the drug Skinoren reviews dermatologists about it wonderful, and the presence of the drug in the two forms of production allows us to develop the optimal treatment regimen .

Skinoren Gel is suitable for patients with more oily skin. Skinoren preparation in gel form is less concentrated (15% in contrast to 20% concentration of a cream), so it can be assigned a first of two forms. When the skin gets used to the few drugs prescribed more concentrated cream.

Skinoren cream is an emulsion, the skin absorption of the active substance from such a form of smaller and due to the higher concentration of the drug also exerts a bleaching effect. Because of these properties Skinoren used for hyperpigmentation of the skin, as well as patients with a dry skin.

Skinoren: instructions for use

Indications skinoren:

  • acne vulgaris, or acne vulgaris;
  • seborrheic dermatitis (in this case applied in the form of a cream Skinoren);
  • abnormal pigmentation (for cream form);
  • Rosacea (this applies Skinoren gel).


According to the instructions, Skinoren necessary twice a day in a small amount applied to previously cleaned areas of skin with water, if necessary - other affected area (the skin of the back, neck, upper chest). The duration of treatment depends on the particular disease.

Contraindications skinoren

The instructions to skinorenom describes only one Contraindications - Hypersensitivity to members of the drug substance.

Application skinoren during pregnancy and lactation

Due to its low bioavailability and low toxicity of azelaic acid use may skinoren and analogues during pregnancy and lactation. Possible drug concentration in breast milk is low and is not dangerous for the baby.

Using skinoren in pediatrics: Skinoren can be used in children from the age of 12 years.


Cases of overdose Skinoren not described.

Interaction with other drugs

The interaction of the drug with other substances currently not described.


The instructions to skinorenom states that must not be allowed contact with the drug on the mucosa of the lips, mouth, eyes.

In the event of severe irritation in the application of the drug during the first week of treatment may be used Skinoren once daily. With the gradual habituation of the skin fold application of the drug increases.

Before using the drug Skinoren or analogues should consult a specialist to determine the correct diagnosis and select the dosage and frequency of use of the drug. Before using the product, carefully read the instructions. Skinoren should be stored at room temperature.

Skinoren: analogues of the drug

Online pharmacies are also other preparations containing azelaic acid: AkneStop, Acne dermis Azogel, Baziron, Kuriozin skinoren and other counterparts.  Skinoren Cream

Skinoren: reviews of preparation

Thanks to have an effect and the presence of two convenient forms release drug Skinoren earned very positive reviews.

Excellent reviews of skinorenom dermatocosmetologists based on achieving the desired effect at the optimum time. Skinoren copes with acne, which is the most common indication for its use. Given that the prevalence of the disease in adolescence reaches 75%, high efficiency and ease of use of the drug makes it the undisputed leader among peers. Skinoren also highly efficient and other proliferative diseases.

Reviews skinorenom patients based on its high efficiency and ability to achieve long-term remission of the disease when using this drug. Patients describe some discomfort on the skin after application of the tool (a burning sensation, redness, sometimes tingling), however these feelings pass after a few days and are not a cause for discontinuation of treatment. At high intensity of discomfort may reduce the multiplicity of application skinoren in the first days of treatment.