General properties of the preparation Skin-Cap

Skin-Cap belongs to a group of drugs with anti-proliferative, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial effects. The active ingredient - zinc pyrithione activated.  Skin-Cap Cream
 This means for epicutaneous application, is available in the form of aerosols, lotions and shampoo. Antifungal drug effect Skin-cap maximum expressed in relation to such pathogens as Pityrosporum ovale et orbiculare, causing proliferative skin inflammation and its peeling. When applied to the skin means a maximum concentration of the active substance is observed in the surface layers of the dermis, the drug enters the bloodstream in a minimal amount. The drug has potent activity against bacteria group Pity-rosporum - pathogens causing inflammation of proliferative disease such as psoriasis and seborrhea (a disease associated with the breaking of skin physiology sebaceous glands). Skin renewal has cytostatic effect (inhibits division processes), only those cells that are susceptible to inflammation, and does not affect healthy cells, thereby providing a selectivity of its action.

Indications Skin-Cap

In aerosol form Skin-Cap is used in virtually any form of psoriasis (except heavy, involving articular syndrome and other systemic symptoms), skin diseases caused by CNS (neurodermatitis), a colorful herpes, seborrhea, erythrasma, dermatitis of various etiologies (fungal, bacterial) .

The cream according to the instructions Skin renewal used in lesions of the skin (including psoriasis and neurodermatitis), accompanied by abundant epidermal desquamation and dryness, often under occlusive dressing (when blocking the access of oxygen to the affected area of ​​skin).

In a shampoo formulation Skin-Cap is used for localization of lesions above the scalp.

Contraindications Skin-Cap

According to the instructions, Skin-Cap can not be used in case of hypersensitivity to its member agents, as well as in the treatment of products containing glucocorticosteroid hormones.

Skin-Cap: instructions for use

The drug in aerosol form is sprayed onto the affected area of ​​the skin from a distance of about 15 cm. The occurrence of clinical effect should be used twice daily. To achieve stable remission of the pathological process according to the instructions Skin-Cap is recommended for at least a week after the disappearance of skin symptoms. Before use, the vial should be shaken, when applied to keep upright. For treatment of the scalp attached special nozzle.

Shampoo used every other day for two weeks, and if you want to extend the treatment.

The cream is applied thickly on the affected area twice per day. Effectively its application under occlusive dressings.


At the moment, the cases of drug overdose Skin-Cap is not recorded.

Analogs of Skin-Cap

Skin-cap analogs are other local preparations containing zinc pyrithione:

  • psoriderm,
  • psorikap,
  • friderm zinc,
  • tsinokap,
  • pyrithione zinc.

Reviews of Skin-Cap

Reviews of Skin-Cap positive.  Spray Skin Cap
 Dermatologists say the rapid disappearance of skin symptoms when using this drug, as well as achieve a stable and long-term remission of the disease. When using the cream is rapidly improving the status of large and profusely scaly psoriatic plaques. Shampoo copes with symptoms of psoriasis on the scalp, as this disease as seborrhea, can cure as soon as possible. Reviews of Skin-Cap patients as great as the drug actually has described the efficiency, and thanks to the diversity of the issue, it is convenient to use.

Features of application of Skin-Cap: despite the fact that the reviews of Skin-Cap is very good, before using this drug, as well as analogues Skin-Cap, obligatory consultation with a specialist. Before use, read the instructions to the Skin-Cap.


Aerosol Skin-cap counterparts and should be kept in place, away from sources of ignition.

The cream should be stored in a refrigerator (compartment with positive temperature).