Skandonest - local anesthetic, manufactured as a solution for injection. The drug is available in the form of transparent glass cartridges, 1, 8-2 ml of active substance in the vial.  Skandonest per pack

The active ingredient of the drug - mepivacaine hydrochloride. In one Skandonesta cartridge (1, 8 mL) was contained mepivacaine hydrochloride - 54 mg sodium hydroxide, sodium chloride - 10, 80 mg, and water intended for injection

Pharmacological action Skandonesta

Instruction Skandonestu contains the following information: the drug prevents the formation of impulses in nerve endings and their holding of nerve fibers by blocking sodium channels. Skandonest is a strong effect of local anesthesia of any type of infiltration, wires, terminal. Step Skandonesta maintained for 1-3 hours. Mepivacaine well metabolized in the liver and has vasoconstrictor activity.


Skandonest used at local, caudal, epidural anesthesia and wires (with the intervention in the oral cavity, therapeutic and surgical interventions). Particularly well the drug is used in dentistry. Skandonest, as an anesthetic, is indicated in patients suffering from hypertension, diabetes and coronary insufficiency.


Hypersensitivity to anesthetics of amide type, and parabens (alkyl-4-hydroxybenzoate), severe liver disease, myasthenia gravis. According to the instructions Skandonestu, the drug is recommended with caution to persons with cardiovascular insufficiency, diabetes mellitus, renal failure, inflammatory diseases, during childbirth. Do not use Skandonest during pregnancy, child and elderly (over 65) age categories.

Side effects Skandonesta

When intravascular injection or exceeded dosage possible headache, dizziness, weakness, drowsiness, restlessness, seizures, loss of consciousness, sensitive and motor block. On the part of the cardiovascular system may increase blood pressure, arrhythmia, bradycardia. On the part of the excretory system manifests involuntary urination. Also not ruled out allergic reactions - skin rash, itching, hives, angioedema. Among other side effects can be identified Skandonesta numbness of the tongue and lips, lengthening the period of anesthetic, hypothermia. When applied during pregnancy causes fetal bradycardia Skandonest.

Dosage Skandonesta

Dosage amount of active substance solution Skandonesta (mepivacaine) depends on the nature of intervention and the type of anesthesia. The average dose for conduction and infiltration anesthesia - 1-3 ml. The maximum dose of mepivacaine used in dentistry, for adult patients is 6, 6 mg / kg, not to exceed 400 mg per single administration. For children, the maximum dose is 5-6 mg / kg. The drug is prescribed with caution to patients in the elderly: The recommended dosage for people over 65 years old is half the dose according to the instructions Skandonestu for an adult.

Skandonest during pregnancy

Skandonest appointed during pregnancy only if strict conditions, in other cases, the drug is not used as easily cross the placenta of the fetus. For women, breastfeeding can put the baby to the breast after the anesthetic effect - just like any other local anesthetic mepivacaine active substance is released in breast milk in small quantities.  Cartridges Skandonesta


For 10 days before the planned injection Skandonesta advisable to cancel MAO inhibitors (procarbazine, furazolidone, selegiline) - drugs that increase the risk of blood pressure lowering.

Attention Athletes: Skandonest contains the active substance, which can cause a positive reaction in the implementation of anti-doping controls!

Instruction Skandonestu presented for informational purposes only. It is not recommended to use the drug without a doctor's prescription.