Sisteyn - moisturizing eye drops.  Varieties Sisteyna

Pharmacological action Sisteyna

After contact with the mucous eye drug forms a gel-like film that protects it from drying out and relieves irritation, discomfort, prevents the development of the syndrome of "dry eye." Drops Sisteyn have a pronounced moisturizing effect, but because prolonged fixation on a cornea and a special texture, the effect of the drug begins almost immediately after application and persists for an extended period. It is produced in the form of drops, ophthalmic gel.

Indications Sisteyna

The drug is used to relieve symptoms of discomfort and dryness that occur during prolonged work at the computer or watching TV long, conjunctivitis, caused by the negative impact on the mucosa of dry air, dust, cosmetics, wearing contact lenses.

In a review of Sisteyne it noted that the drug has proven itself as a preventive measure during menopause, when Segrena syndrome, long-term use of certain drugs.

Dosing Sisteyna

The instructions to Sisteynu recommended before using wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap. Then the vial is necessary to shake, and throw back his head back, and then, pulling the lower lid, drip one drop Sisteyna with a pipette into the resulting gap between the eyeball and eyelid. If necessary, several drops of the drug application, instillation repeated no sooner than five minutes after the first procedure.

Ophthalmic gel is applied both before and after removal of the contact lens to humidify the eye. Buried one or two drops of the drug, then it is recommended to blink.

Vial should be stored at room temperature, avoiding sunlight. Shelf-life of the drug or analogue Sisteyna after opening the bottle - up to six months.

precautionary measures

With the development of allergic reactions to medications before using drugs Sisteyna advisable to consult a doctor.  Packing Sisteyna

We should not forget that the drug itself and analogues Sisteyna are not therapeutic agents, but only to prevent dry mucous eye.

The instructions to Sisteynu said that immediately after a droplet of the emulsion or may be transient blurred vision. It is not recommended to start the management of vehicles immediately after taking the drug.

side effects

The drug has established itself as a safe means. However, in a review of Sisteyne noted that in some cases, the following side effects: mild irritation and redness of the eyes, blurred vision short, the emergence of an unusual taste in your mouth.