Pharmacological properties

Sinuforte preparation produced by extraction of active substances from the tubers of the cyclamen European juice and lyophilized. Due to the fact that the medication is made from a plant organism affect multiple active components in combination, the effect of each of which are due to the difficulty to separate biologically separation impossible. The most studied only active saponins cyclamen. The product is unique in that no analogue Sinuforte can not be compared with him for efficiency.  Lyophilizate Sinuforte

Application Sinuforte actual practice of ENT diseases. Mechanism of action it belongs to the group of reflex locally irritating drugs. The active components of the preparation irritate sensitive nerve endings, which are located in the nasal mucosa, thereby enhancing the formation of liquid secretions mucosal improves expectoration of mucus due to normalization of its viscosity. As a result of increased production of liquid mucous secretion improves mucociliary transport and, consequently, draining sinuses, stagnant contents of their sinusitis effectively evacuated the nasopharynx. It is known that the application has Sinuforte and anti-edematous action.

This medication topically irritating parasympathetic autonomic nervous system fibers which innervate the blood vessels of the nasal mucosa, causes vasodilatation. This increases blood flow to the mucosa, which also activates the mucous glands of the nose and paranasal sinuses. Already at 0, 5 - 2 hours after application Sinuforte depending on the reactivity of the human body is enhanced secretory activity and as a consequence a therapeutic effect on the body, which can not any of the analogs Sinuforte.

Indications Sinuforte

Together with other drugs it is recommended in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses - in the frontal sinusitis, sinusitis, sfenoiditah, etmoiditah and rhinosinusitis combined with glue ear. This drug is an auxiliary action, it can not in the acute phase of the disease used as a single drug. As monotherapy can be used only under medical supervision during the remitting inflammatory changes.

Good reviews Sinuforte received in the rehabilitation of patients after operations on the paranasal sinuses.

Contraindications for instructions to Sinuforte - Individual hypersensitivity, nasal polyps, cysts, sinuses, allergic rhinosinusitis origins, high blood pressure, age of the patient under 12 years.

Instruction Sinuforte

From lyophilized powder by the addition of a solvent that comes with it, prepare a spray bottle to spray in the nose .  After the solvent was poured into a bottle, it is screwed spray dispenser .  Prior to injection into the nose must be made 2-3 spray test drug in air .  As a result, one-touch released from the drug vial in a volume of 2-3 drops, which corresponds to one dose .  Such doses per pack of 36 - 38 .  To enter the drug according to instructions to Sinuforte patient upright in the dispenser enters the nasal passage, holds his breath and presses the dispenser once and then does the same with the second bow stroke .  Procedure should be followed no more than once a day, there is a scheme by which is possible to use a day Sinuforte .  The course of treatment lasts from 6 to 8 days, if you inject the medication on a daily basis, and from 12 to 16 days, if you do it in a day .  One bottle is enough for the course .  Recommended individual use vial for each patient, in order to avoid the risk of transmission .  Before using the product is required to consult a doctor, he warned about the possible contraindications and side effects .  In general, among ENT doctors are good reviews about Sinuforte .

Do not use this drug with or before the local anesthetic and vasoconstrictor drops - the mechanism of action of reviews about Sinuforte may change. Not contraindicated in combination with antibiotics.  Spray Sinuforte

Not recommended for use in the treatment of pregnant women and nursing mothers, as Sinuforte reviews in this category of patients is not.

The analogue Sinuforte - Sinupret drops and drops cyclamen for oral administration, similar to it on the mechanism of action. No analogue Sinuforte not recommended without a doctor's recommendation.

storage conditions

The instructions to Sinuforte recommended undiluted drug store in a dark place at a temperature of 25 ° C to 5 years from the date of production ready solution - from 2 to 8 ° C for no longer than 2 weeks. Keep track of the reach of children!