Sintomitsina - bacteriostatic antibiotic broad-spectrum drugs.

Pharmacological action

 As an ointment sintomitsina
 Sintomitsina is an antibiotic drug, based on chloramphenicol as the main active component. The drug has effects on the synthesis of protein structures in bacterial cells, slowing the transport of amino acids to peptide chains, which consequently leads to a violation of protein synthesis. Sintomitsina actively affects the intestinal pathogens, bacteria and purulent meningococcal infection. The drug is not used for the suppression of acid, anaerobic bacteria, some strains of staphylococci, protozoa and fungi.

Produced in tablet form, the granules of white or white-yellow emulsion.

Indications sintomitsina

The drug is widely used for the treatment and prevention of inflammatory diseases of the skin and mucosa (abrasions, carbuncles, festering wounds, erosive and ulcerative lesions of the skin, burns, cracked nipple area in childbirth).

In a review of sintomitsina it said that the drug is well established in gynecology as a means to treat bacterial infections of the pelvic cavity.

For internal use sintomitsina active component is well absorbed in the stomach and intestines, which ensures its rapid assimilation. The drug is retained in the body for seven - ten hours after administration, and then excreted in urine and bile.

Dosing sintomitsina

 Vaginal suppositories sintomitsina
 In the treatment and prevention of purulent lesions of the skin and mucosal burns, the drug is used topically. Sintomitsina emulsion is applied to the affected area, and then imposed a sterile gauze or a bandage.

Instructions sintomitsina

The drug is taken internally and externally. Mode of application is defined individually after consultation with the attending physician. The daily dose for adults is 3-4 hours, a single dose for children under three years of age - from 10 to 15 mg / kg of body weight, from three to eight years - at 0, 15-0, 2 years Children older than eight years old - at 0, 2-0, 3 years

As a rule, take sintomitsina for seven - ten days. With good tolerability - up to two weeks.

The instructions to sintomitsina said that the topical application of the emulsion is applied to the damaged areas directly or pre-impregnated with liniment, impose sterile bandage or gauze dressing. After one to three days to carry out ligation complete cleansing of affected areas.


In a review of sintomitsina there is evidence of the need to respect the precautions for use of the drug in case of hypersensitivity to its ingredients. In addition, the list of contra-indicated complications that may occur in diseases of the blood-forming organs, disorders of the urinary system, fungal diseases of the skin, eczema, pregnancy.