Sinokrom - a drug for the treatment of degenerative diseases of the joints.  Sinokrom 1 ml

Pharmacological properties Sinokroma

This drug belongs to the group of medicines replacing synovial fluid in the joints. In essence, it chondroprotector, ie means which lubricates the cartilage of the joint, and thereby improves mobility, relieves stiffness and pain in the affected joints during movement.

Sinokrom contains active substance - sodium hyaluronate. This macromolecular polysaccharide on the physicochemical properties of viscoelastic, and the instruction to Sinokromu recommends it as an implant for insertion into synovial space of the affected joints.

The product lubricates and cushions the damaged cartilage surface, preventing its wear and thinning, thus breaking the chain of pathological development of osteoarthritis. This medication improves the condition of the tissues of the affected joints, stimulates their cartilage to the formation of synovial fluid and self-hyaluronate, thus restoring the imbalance. The destruction of the articular cartilage is slowing down for a long time, so for guests Sinokrom reduces the patient's need for administration of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that have many side effects and postpones deadlines possible operation prosthetic joint.

Product form

The preparation is made in the form of 1% and 2% solutions, releasing them in disposable syringes. As analogs Sinokrom - pyrogen-free, isotonic, sterile solution. For the treatment of large joints (knee, hip) produced a 2 ml syringes in small joints (metatarsal, ulnar, facet) 1 ml of solution enough, therefore more profitable and more convenient to use an analog mini Sinokromom. Any form of prolonged action with the prefix "forte", in the case of its application for a course of 3 injections enough. Needle injection is not included.

Indications Sinokroma

Sinokrom of instructions used in degenerative and traumatic lesions of the joints (arthritis, ie, non-inflammatory nature of the disease), in the case of limited mobility of the joints and the accompanying pain. He is able to temporarily replace the joint fluid, for example, before surgery prosthetics, improving quality while waiting for the patient's life. Good reviews Sinokrom is in the treatment of patients who lead an active lifestyle, and so routinely overload the affected joint.

Contraindications Sinokroma

Do not use the drug in cases of infectious lesions of the joints, with intolerance to the components of the drug. There is also no reviews Sinokrome in pregnant women and persons under the age of 18 years, in which case the benefit of the application should be related to the possible risk of side effects. Sinokrom on instructions has no overall effect on the body, but acts only locally in the joint.  Sinokrom 2 ml

Instructions for use Sinokroma

This drug, like other analogues Sinokroma, should be administered only by trained and authorized personnel and only on the advice of your doctor because you need to enter the drug directly into the joint space. Although the need for hospitalization during the course of treatment is not, you still need to inject in the hospital, such as outpatient. It is necessary to create conditions for the aseptic manipulation and eliminate the possibility of entering into a joint infection. It may also be necessary to remove the drug back out of the joint when expressed pain.

Depending on the size joint administered 1 or 2 ml of solution once a week for 3 to 5 consecutive weeks. The maximum number of injections per course - 5 min - 3. Sinokrom reviews after the third injection has a pronounced effect, but its positive effect lasts up to 6 months after treatment. Simultaneously it can be injected in several joints. By decision of the treating physician may repeat a course not earlier than 1 month. Application Sinokroma possible simultaneously with other drugs for intra-articular administration.

side effects

During treatment for Sinokromom reviews rarely possible symptoms at the injection site like pain, redness, swelling, sensation of heat. To prevent their occurrence, after an injection is desirable to make the site of administration ice for 5 - 10 minutes. If the introduction is associated with severe pain, the drug solution should be removed from the joint space. Like its counterparts Sinokrom - biological product, it is produced by biofermentation, so the attending physician should be aware of its possible immunological properties.