Sinekod instructions for use

Pharmacological action Sinekoda

Sinekod - antitussives direct action. The active substance butamirata. The drug directly affects the cough center, blocking it, while not inhibiting the respiratory center. Also it has a bronchodilatory and anti-inflammatory effect, adjusting the better spirometry.  Syrup Sinekod

After ingesting the drug is rapidly absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract. For the active substance butamirata a high degree due to the plasma protein. The concentration of drug in the blood reaches a maximum at 1, 5 hours. Sinekod metabolized in the body to form a pharmacological active metabolites. Reapply Sinekoda does not alter the pharmacokinetics. Half-life of the drug occurs in 6 hours. Write mainly kidneys unchanged and as metabolites.


It is used in a dry non-productive cough of any etiology: a dry cough in whooping cough, chronic smokers cough, cough caused by upper respiratory tract infection.

According to the instructions, Sinekod shown to suppress the cough reflex in the preoperative and postoperative period, during bronchoscopy and surgical interventions.

Contraindications Sinekoda

Hypersensitivity of the components of the drug. Pulmonary hemorrhage. Sinekod Syrup is contraindicated for children under 3 years. Oral drops are contraindicated in infants younger than two months.

When pregnancy is contraindicated Sinekod in the first three months. For a period of more than three months, reviews of Sinekode indicate the possibility of his appointment by the attending physician, after commensuration possible effects on the fetus and the need for the mother.

Acceptable application diabetic Sinekoda, physicians ratings indicate the safety of treatment, as a sweetener, it uses sorbitol and saccharin.

Dosage instructions and use Sinekoda

In operations on respiratory organs, an adult patient is administered the drug intravenously or intramuscularly, from 10 to 20 milligrams of the solution.

Drops Sinekod taken according to the dosage - children from six months to a year, and weighing up to 8 kilograms receive ten drops of the drug, four times a day. Children from one to three and weighing up to 15 kilograms, give fifteen drops of the drug four times a day. Older than three years - prescribed twenty-five drops four times a day.

Syrup Sinekod prescribed for children three to six years, 5 ml three times a day. From six to nine years of a 10 ml three times a day. Teenagers from 9 to 15 years, 15 ml, three times a day. Adult patients may receive 15 milliliters of a syrup, four times a day.

Tablets Sinekod - for adults can be adopted ten milligrams in the morning and evening, children from the age of twelve - five milligrams three times a day.  Drops Sinekod

Sinekod should be taken before meals, a drop can be dissolved in a small amount of water. The dosage and rate agreed with the attending physician.

Side effects

Application Sinekoda may cause side effects: fatigue, headache, dizziness, nausea with vomiting possible, a violation of stool, itching, hives, rash.

Overdose Sinekodom

In overdose Sinekoda patients experienced nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, drop in blood pressure, loss of consciousness.

It is recommended in case of overdose gastric lavage, oral enterosorbents. Depending on the indication, use osmotic laxatives and, if necessary, carrying out activities to maintain respiration and cardiac activity.

Storage conditions

Recommended storage Sinekod preparation in a dry place at a temperature range of +15 to +30 C.