Silibor - herbal remedy for the protection of liver tissue from the toxic lesions.  Silibor

Pharmacological action Silibor

Active substance Silibor - silymarin participates in reduction processes taking place in the structure of the liver cells (hepatocytes). Silibor acts as a hepatoprotective (liver protector) due to the antioxidant activity of flavonoids (substances extracted from milk thistle), are contained in a preparation.

The drug improves metabolism in the liver cells by stimulating the synthesis of glycogen and ribonucleic acid structural and functional proteins and phospholipids restores exchange. Flavonoids are part of Silibor, accelerate recovery processes of liver cells, prevent the penetration of hepatotoxic substances through cell membranes in hepatocytes.

Product form

Silibor drug release in the form of coated tablets of 40 mg each. 25 tablets per pack.

Analogues Silibor mechanism of action drugs are Gepatosan, Holenol, Progepar, Hepa-Merz, Gepafor, Thiotriazoline, Glutargin, Phosphogliv, Glutargin, Tykveol, Maksar, Peponen.

Indications Silibor

According to the instructions Silibor appoint:

  • In cirrhosis of the liver;
  • In chronic hepatitis of different origins;
  • In the treatment of hepatic steatosis caused as a violation of metabolism in the liver cells, and because of the action of toxic factors;
  • In the case of states after acute infectious and toxic hepatitis;
  • When liver damage (toxic and medicinal);
  • In the case of prolonged intoxications related to professional activities.


In the opinion of Silibor not indicated for children under the age of four years, as well as in patients with hypersensitivity to the components included in the tablets.

Dosing Silibor

According to the instructions Silibor recommended to take before meals.

Children from the age of twelve and adults taking the drug administered at the rate of 70 mg three times a day.

Seriously ill dosage can be increased to 420 mg per day in three divided doses.

Children six to nine years prescribed reception Silibor single rate of 70 mg a day for children nine to twelve years - the same dose twice a day.

The treatment course is thirty days and, if necessary, may be extended to three months.

The treatment can be repeated after one or two months.

In order to prevent liver disease Silibor take one to two times per day for 70 mg. The duration of prophylactic course - one month.  Silibor release tablets

Side effects Silibor

When applying for Silibor reviews can be observed:

  • Allergic reactions: itching, skin rash;
  • The increase in urine output (the amount of urine over a certain period of time - day, hour, minute);
  • The occurrence of diarrhea;
  • Dizzy spells (if violations of the vestibular system).

In case of side effects reduce the dose or cancel the drug completely.

storage conditions

The drug is stored in a dry, dark place, away from children. The manufacturer's recommended storage temperature - from 8 ° C to 30 ° C.

Shelf life Silibor - 24 months.