Sidnokarb - Domestic pharmaceutical preparations from the group of psychostimulants.  Sidnokarb

Structure and Composition

According Sidnokarb instructions issued in the form of tablets of 5, 10 and 25 mg. The active ingredient - mesocarb. Produced active drug in packs of 25 or 50 tablets.

Pharmacological action Sidnokarb

According to the instructions Sidnokarb has psychoactive effects. Unlike the other drugs in this group, Sidnokarb less toxic, does not cause tachycardia, elevated blood pressure and other sympathomimetic symptoms. The stimulatory effect of the drug develops gradually and lasts for a longer time (compared to fenaminom), there is no reception in the early euphoria, motor excitation.

Also Sidnokarb, reviews, does not cause drowsiness and general weakness. The phenomena of addiction to the drug are mild.

Indications Sidnokarb

  • asthenic conditions, accompanied by apathy, confusion, lethargy, drowsiness, decreased performance;
  • asthenoneurotic state arising on a background of intoxication, trauma, infections, mental and physical fatigue;
  • stuporous state and apatoabulicheskih;
  • sluggish schizophrenia (in the absence of positive symptoms);
  • alcoholism and withdrawal symptoms, alcohol adynamic depression;
  • Correction side effects of neuroleptics and tranquilizers.

In the opinion of Sindnokarb effective for bed-wetting (enuresis).

Children Sidnokarb prescribed for mental retardation, weakness, organic diseases of the nervous system with a predominance of lethargy, fatigue and lethargy.

Contraindications Sidnokarb

  • Hypersensitivity to mesocarb;
  • pronounced atherosclerosis;
  • not correctable hypertension;
  • psychomotor agitation;
  • concomitant use of monoamine oxidase inhibitors and tricyclic antidepressants.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

According to the instructions Sidnokarb not recommended for use during pregnancy. If the drug is given during lactation, at the time of treatment should stop breastfeeding.

Dosing and Administration Sidnokarb

According to the instructions Sidnokarb ingestion well absorbed. This drug is administered in the morning before a meal. Doses Sidnokarb selected individually. The initial dose is usually 5 mg, if necessary it is gradually increased up to 15-25 mg per day. Sidnokarb Tablets should be taken 1-2 times a day. If no effect within 3-4 days of continued use of the drug is not appropriate.

The maintenance dose of the agent is usually 5-10 mg. In the opinion of Sidnokarb generally well tolerated by patients.

The maximum daily dose for instructions Sidnokarb 150 mg (single 75 mg).

Babies active drug is given in smaller doses (daily dose of not more than 2, 5 - 5 mg).  Sidnokarb dosage form - pill

Side effect

According to reviews Sidnokarb rarely causes side effects. The most common side effects include the following: irritability, anxiety, headache, loss of appetite, high blood pressure, allergic reactions.

In rare cases, there is an exacerbation of delirium and hallucinations in patients with pre-existing psychopathology. Adverse reactions usually disappear after a dose reduction or cancellation.

Analogs Sidnokarb

Sidnokarb analogues of pharmacological action is fenotropil, enerion. There is also a combined preparation Sidnogluton (sidnokarb + glutamic acid). Before replacing analogue Sidnokarb necessary to consult a specialist doctor. Self-medication can lead to negative consequences.


According to the instructions Sidnokarb not recommended in the evening hours to avoid sleep disturbance. Also, the drug should not be used for a long time and continuously.

Sidnokarb incompatible with tricyclic antidepressants and MAO inhibitors.