Sideral - biologically active food supplement, is a highly digestible source of iron contained in an innovative liposome complex Lipofer. The uniqueness of the formulation is a complete absence of side effects. Sideral is not a drug.

Sideral: main action of the drug

 Sideral - a unique vitamin complex, which includes iron, vitamin C, vitamin B12
 Sideral - a unique vitamin complex, which includes iron, vitamin C, vitamin B12. Iron Sideral in the preparation contained in liposomal spheres, allow to transport the element directly to the place of full assimilation with no contact with the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract. The patented complex Lipofer avoids typical side effects of iron supplements in the treatment of:

  • Irritation of the intestinal mucosa;
  • Heartburn;
  • Upset stool (constipation, disorders, discoloration of feces);
  • Change the color of the mucous membrane of the mouth;
  • Yellowing of the tooth enamel.

Sideral actively promotes the replenishment of iron in the body and is an effective drug in the treatment of latent iron deficiency anemia. The human body can not synthesize element such as iron, so for the normal functioning of the body needs a balanced external source of the element. Iron is directly involved in the process of hematopoiesis and is a structural component of hemoglobin, which facilitates the transport of oxygen to all tissues and organs.

Iron deficiency - lack of replenishment needed for the normal functioning of the body's balance of trace element, which leads to the development of anemia (anemia). The primary cause of iron-deficiency anemia is a lack of iron in the diet. The drug Sideral up for the daily rate of trace elements in the body, supplementing it with a vitamin complex to improve its absorption. Other causes of anemia are the active growth of the organism (in children), transferred or chronic gastrointestinal disease (inflammation of the intestines, low gastric acidity), gipermenstrualny syndrome, massive blood loss, impaired iron absorption.

The main symptoms of iron deficiency and anemia are:

  • Weakness, drowsiness, malaise;
  • Fatigue, reduced work capacity;
  • Headaches of unknown origin;
  • Heart rhythm disorders, shortness of breath;
  • Change of taste;
  • Dryness of the skin, nails, hair;
  • Skin discoloration.

Regular use of the drug Sideral will restore a sufficient level of iron in the body necessary for normal functioning of all its systems.

Content in preparation Sideral vitamin C promotes the active synthesis of collagen, activates folic acid in the body, has an antioxidant effect, accelerates the absorption of iron.

Vitamin B12 complex Sideral increases the regenerative capacity of the body tissues, is involved in the synthesis of red blood cells.

Biologically active complex Sideral helps normalize the balance of minerals in the body, and thanks to innovative technology does not cause side effects, no contraindications, as well, is approved for use in pregnant women.

Sideral: instructions for use

The drug Sideral is a balanced dietary supplement used in the complex treatment of latent iron deficiency and anemia, supplementing medication products and special diets.

The indications for use of the drug Sideral, instruction which is attached to each package are:

  • Treatment of iron deficiency anemia;
  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • Normalization of the body's balance of minerals and replenishment after hemorrhage;
  • The recovery period after the surgery;
  • The processes in the body caused by an iron deficiency in the blood;
  • Chronic diseases, including gastrointestinal bleeding with regular (erosion, erosive gastritis, peptic ulcers, hemorrhoids, etc.).

Use of the drug Sideral manual recommends courses. Sideral is safe vitamin preparations, but its use must be agreed with the attending physician. Sideral use 1 capsule 1 time per day during meals, washed down with plenty of water.

In applying the drug Sideral instruction indicates possible allergic reactions, when they appear, should stop taking the drug and seek medical advice.

The content of iron and vitamins in Bad Sideral perfectly balanced that the correct application is not able to cause an excess of iron in the body. The excess of trace elements in small amounts manifested impaired gastrointestinal (constipation, heartburn).

Sideral hair loss: the effectiveness of the drug

 Application Siderala hair loss recommend a course of 20 days
 Iron deficiency can also affect the growth and condition of the hair and hair follicles. This trace element is directly involved in hair growth. With a shortage of iron in the body and its lack of revenue from external sources, the body uses iron internal resources, including the hair follicles.

Restores the balance of iron in a natural way - a very long process that requires considerable effort. The daily rate of iron for healthy functioning of the human body is about 15 mg. Iron is not completely absorbed from food consumed. Most of the iron consumed is involved in the process of hematopoiesis. Sideral hair loss is an effective way to quickly stop hair loss, strengthen the hair follicles, improve the elasticity of the hair. The complex of vitamins, supplementing drug Sideral also strengthens hair follicles. Application Siderala hair loss recommend a course of 20 days. However, remember that it is important to eliminate the adverse factors: unbalanced diet, care products, bad habits. In some cases, need repeated courses of the drug, agreed with the attending physician.

Sideral: Testimonials

When using Siderala patient testimonials confirm its effectiveness. Thus, the majority of patients noted the effectiveness of the drug in iron deficiency anemia, the lack of side effects. Sideral, reviews of which position him as an effective biological additive, restores hair growth, improves the condition of skin and nails, helps to normalize the biological rhythms, increase efficiency, reduce fatigue and improve concentration.

Sideral often prescribed to people who have to follow a strict diet to maintain a balance of minerals and vitamins in the body.

Biologically active complex Sideral relieves symptoms of anemia, is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women. The drug Sideral, reviews of which can be found in various sources, allows to make up the balance of iron, thus stopping the development processes caused by his fault.