Azopiram kit
 Azopiram - reagent for detecting hidden traces of blood on medical instruments that have been prepared for sterilization.

This drug is used to monitor all care presterilizing cleaning medical instruments which come into contact with the wound surface is contacted with blood or injectable preparations (for example, a set of operating tools). In addition to traces of blood Azopiram used to detect traces of rust, detergent with bleach, acids on medical devices.

Trade name "Azopiram-set." The reagent composition includes Azopiram aminopyrine 10% (in ethanol solution) aniline hydrochloride 0, 10-0, 15%. The kit "Azopiram kit" includes a package of Reagent 1, Reagent 2 in orange tube and white tube with the reagent 3.

Using one set Azopirama can hold about 2000 performances reactions (if the flow of the working solution is 2 drops per reaction).

The use of the reagent Azopiram

To prepare 1 liter of solution requires amidopirina 100g and 1, 0-1, 5 g of aniline hydrochloride. A solution is required to bring to a volume of 1 liter with addition of 95% ethanol. The resulting mixture should be thoroughly mixed until completely dissolved. For direct quality assurance cleaning medical instruments required to prepare a working solution by mixing equal parts Azopirama and 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. Before use, test for the suitability of the drug for 2-3 drops of a working solution should be applied to the blood stain. If for 1 minute a violet color, the reagent is considered suitable for use. If the stain does not appear, the solution can not be used. Staining, appeared after 1 minute after the test does not take into account.

Control of cleaning medical instruments before sterilization using "Azopiram kit" is held in medical institutions not less than 1 time per week. The monitoring process is organized and conducted department head nurse. Once a quarter, the control is carried out sanitary-epidemic station.

Instructions for use Azopirama

 reagent Azopiram
 Working solution (Azopiram and 3% hydrogen peroxide in a ratio of 1: 1) is applied to the investigated products and medical instruments - swab or wipe applied directly to the tool via pipette.

To check the syringe (reusable) therein poured 3-4 drops of the working solution and repeatedly pushing the piston to wet the entire inner surface of the tool.

To assess the quality of cleaning of catheters and other hollow articles therein Azopiram introduced via syringe or pipette. The solution was allowed to stand for 1 minute, after which it was poured onto a gauze pad. The amount of reagent that is required to verify product depends on its size.

Storage preparation

Guide Azopirama states that the shelf life of the prepared solution in a dark tightly sealed bottle at a temperature of 4 C (i.e., in a refrigerator) is 2 months. If the solution is kept in the dark, at room temperature, but, it is not a storage period of 1 month.

Features of use Azopirama

In the case of mild yellowing reagent Azopiram (without precipitation) does not reduce its quality.

When checking medical instruments, they must be at room temperature. Hot product can not be scanned, and the solution can not be used near a heater. Working solution (Azopiram + 3% hydrogen peroxide) should stay in the bright light and can only be used within 2 hours.