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Senna belongs to the legume family, it is also called senna, cassia, hay aquifolium.

In medical practice using senna leaves (often referred to as grass senna). Collect the leaves when they are fully ripe, then air dried.

The leaves of Senna found antraglikozidy, has a laxative effect, organic acids, alkaloids, flavonoids, glycosides, phytosterols, resin.

Senna is considered to be the strongest plant ever known laxative medicine.

The pharmaceutical industry produces senna as plant material and pellets.

The use of senna

Senna laxative properties - the main reason for its widespread use in medicine. Senna herb is useful in constipation, is used to clean the body, as well as diseases, conditions that require smooth bowel movement and soft stool: hemorrhoids, anal fissures in the mucosa, ulcerative colitis, and others. Also, use of senna laxative properties in preparation for operations on the large intestine, the peritoneum, or bodies before fluoroscopy intestine.

For the treatment of constipation and bowel cleansing drink is prepared from the leaves of senna: one teaspoon of raw pour 250ml of cold water and insist hours, stirring occasionally. After 24 hours the infusion is filtered and drink before bedtime. Proceed through the drink begins 6-8ch. Extremely cold water is used to avoid rezey stomach.

A lot of good reviews about Senna, used for weight loss as part of a special diet. Diet lasts three weeks and required her condition - not to eat after 18.00 and eat a nutritious mixture of figs, prunes, dried apricots, raisins. All components are taken over 100g, pulverized by a meat grinder, add 100 g of honey and 100g of senna leaves, steamed pre-boiled water.

Keep this mixture can be in a glass container in the refrigerator and take it on a spoon for three weeks. Diet is not radically changed, but the need to avoid excessive consumption of sweet, smoked, fat. Judging by the reviews of Senna, before the end of such a diet have improved well-being, a sense of ease in the stomach. Losing weight - a few kilograms for all the diet.

Senna laxative properties and effective for cleansing the body. To do this, take a decoction of senna every day for a week. Brew it like this: one tablespoon of granules or vegetable raw pour 200ml boiling water and 15-20min warm on a steam bath and then filtered. Drink herb Senna put in two hours after eating, better at night, because there is anything after that is undesirable.

Reviews of Senna recommend the following scheme: the first day take 100 ml of broth. The morning after the first application may be abdominal pain, severe bowel relief - about two times in the morning. Pain in the stomach is usually mild, but if it will be difficult to tolerate them and relief will be excessive, the dose for the evening should be reduced. Gradually, the body gets used to Senna, and the dosage is increased so that at the end of purification, on the seventh day, drank 200ml of broth. If cleaning is carried easily, it can be extended to 10 days.

 Senna leaves
 With this cleansing of the intestinal fecal out "debris" that over the years it accumulated from kidney stones and sand out. Carry out the cleaning procedure using senna leaf may be once a month.

You can practice and more extreme cleaning using senna, when over one or two days without training immediately take 200ml of broth, but do so only recommended for people in good condition confident his stomach and intestines.


Senna is contraindicated in lactating and pregnant women, people with severe gastrointestinal pathology.

In the opinion of Senna, it was found that prolonged use can harm it: because of the constant indulgence is a deficiency of nutrients, there are violations of the liver, intestine dystrophy.