Senadeksin - drug laxative effect on the plant basis.  Senadeksin

Pharmacological action

The active ingredient is Senadeksina antraglikozidy (sennosides A and B) leaves of Senna angustifolia and holly, also known as senna or Alexandria senna. The drug stimulates the motility of the colon, stimulating its receptors and

thereby enhancing peristalsis. Prevents water absorption from the intestine, thereby increasing the laxative action affects the intestinal wall permeability to calcium ions. It promotes the synthesis of prostaglandins.

The laxative effect of the drug occurs within 8-12 hours after ingestion, which should be considered when applying Senadeksina.

The drug is not addictive and does not disturb the digestive processes in the stomach and small intestine.

Release form and composition

The drug substance is released in the form of tablets nonuniform brown chocolate or vanilla flavored.

Each tablet contains 0, 07g + senna leaf extract adjuvants (corn starch, lactose, talc, magnesium stearate, stearic acid, nipagin, flavoring). The package of 10 tablets.

Senadeksina analogues are drugs similar actions with the same active ingredient in the composition: Bekunis, Gerbion Lexan, Glaksenna, X-Prep, Regulaks, Regulaks picosulphate Senna, Sennalaks, Senaleks, Senado sennosides A and B, Pursennid, Tisasen, Aix -Laks.

Indications Senadeksina

In accordance with the instruction Senadeksin shown in acute and chronic constipation associated with atony colon peristalsis and weak. Indications for use Senadeksina is also preparing the patient for diagnostic tests or surgical interventions. In this case, the drug is administered in the evening and in the morning an additional enema.

According to the reviews of Senadeksine, it helps to prevent stagnation of feces during anal fissures, and hemorrhoids paraproctitis - in this case justified its use as a preventive measure.

Instructions for use Senadeksina

Tablets are taken at night, drinking plenty of water. In accordance with instructions received on Senadeksin necessary razovo 1-2 tablets or courses for 2-3 weeks. After three weeks of treatment is necessary to make a long break of at least 2 weeks.


For children older than 12 years and adults 1-2 tablets 1 time a day at bedtime.

Children from 6 to 12 years: ½-1 tablet 1 time per day for children from one year to 6 years 1/3 tablet. Children under one year Senadeksin not appointed.  Senadeksina dosage form - pill

side effects

Reviews Senadeksine indicate it as safe and well-tolerated drug. Adverse effects of its reception are rare, and include colicky abdominal cramps, bloating, and diarrhea.

More serious side effects of an overdose of the drug causes, especially for prolonged use: electrolyte imbalance until convulsions and collapse, hematuria (blood in urine), albuminuria (protein in the urine), melanosis intestine, intestinal damage intermuscular plexus. Develop chronic diarrhea, dehydration, intestinal.

For this reason, the use of Senadeksina as a means for weight loss is not recommended.

The drug violates the absorption of tetracycline, which must be considered in parallel to antibiotic therapy.

Application Senadeksina during pregnancy

Despite the fact that these undesirable actions of the drug during this period absent Senadeksin pregnancy and during lactation apply undesirable as most drugs. Nevertheless, under the supervision of a physician preparation may be assigned in the case of postpartum intestinal atony.

Contraindications Senadeksina

In accordance with the instructions Senadeksin contraindicated in the following conditions:

  • Hypersensitivity to the drug;
  • Acute inflammation of the abdomen (appendicitis, peritonitis, and any other manifestations of acute abdomen);
  • Gastrointestinal bleeding;
  • Intestinal obstruction from any cause;
  • Strangulated hernia;
  • Violation of the electrolyte metabolism, state of dehydration;
  • Uterine bleeding;
  • Cystitis;
  • Renal insufficiency;
  • Liver failure.

The drug with caution and only when absolutely necessary prescribed in the postoperative period, childhood and old age.

Storage and release

Store in a dark, dry place at a temperature not exceeding 20 ° C.

Shelf life 2 years. Keep away from children!

No prescription required.