Selentsin - complex drug used in diffuse hair loss.  Tablets Selentsin

Pharmacological action

The active components have Selentsina dermotropic action and have seboreguliruyuschim effect.

Action Selentsina according to the instructions directed to the mechanism of the disease. As a result of clinical trials, it was found that the drug significantly reduces the treatment of diffuse hair loss as compared with conventional basic therapy.

Selentsin activating the reserve forces of the body and affecting the function of organs and systems, which are the cause of diffuse alopecia:

  • It nourishes the scalp and hair roots;
  • Increases the diameter of the hair;
  • It improves blood flow to the hair follicles;
  • It reduces the number of dormant follicles and increases the number of hairs in the active growth phase.

The structure is a complex Selentsina natural ingredients that specifically affect all the possible causes of hair loss:

  • Lycopodium C6 effective for strong hair loss, including the state after birth, as well as premature graying and bald;
  • Kalium fosforikum C6 is recommended for use in neurasthenia, depression, physical and mental weakness, and general exhaustion;
  • Selenium C6 and C30 Natrium hloratum indicated for seborrheic alopecia, hair follicles, and the defeat of hair loss during and after delivery;
  • Tallium atsetikum C6 helps to restore the hair after common diseases;
  • Phosphorus C6 shown in premature aging, as well as alopecia areata, as a result of which the hair falls beams;
  • Alumina C6 is effective in the states, which are accompanied by deformation of the nails, hair loss and itching and numbness of the scalp;
  • Silitseya C6 shown with hair loss at a young age, which emerged after lengthy debilitating diseases.

As a result of Selentsina by user rating:

  • Improves blood circulation;
  • Nerve regulation restores the body;
  • Normalizes metabolism and hormones.

Release form and composition Selentsina

The structure Selentsina includes the following active components: Selenium C6, C6 Phosphorus, Lycopodium C6, C6 Silitseya, Tallium atsetikum C6, C6 fosforikum Kalium, Natrium hloratum C30 and aluminum C6.

The drug is released in the form:

  • Tablets, 60 pieces per pack;
  • Homeopathic spherical homogeneous granules, in jars with lids made of polyethylene, 15, 30 and '50

Indications Selentsina

According to the instructions Selentsin take the following indications:

  • Baldness except hereditary forms;
  • Violation of the structure of the nail (brittle, dry, dysplasia and papillary layer);
  • Increased hair loss.  Lotion Selentsin


If hypersensitivity to the components of the drug according to instructions Selentsin not recommended.

Safe use Selentsina pregnant and nursing women has not been studied, so use the drug in these periods with caution.

Dosing Selentsina

Selentsin recommended to take 8 pellets, or 1 tablet up to five times a day. Do not take the medication immediately before or earlier than one hour after the meal.

Selentsin Review is effective for the duration of reception 8-9 weeks. In some cases, you may need to repeat a course that can be done no earlier than a month.

Side effects Selentsina

Selentsin Review of significant side effects does not cause.

In the presence of hypersensitivity to the individual components Selentsina may develop allergic reactions, bearing usually not expressed in nature.

storage conditions

Selentsin refers to funds without a prescription. Shelf life - 36 months.