Sehydrin - drug with antitumor activity.

Pharmacological action SEHYDRIN

 The active substance SEHYDRIN - hydrazine sulfate, has a strong anti-tumor and symptomatic effect in the treatment of malignant tumors in advanced stages. Sehydrin of instruction does not have mielodepressivnogo action.

The symptomatic effect of the drug is in the case of treatment of locally advanced and widespread in any organ or the whole body forms of cancer. When using SEHYDRIN observed the elimination or reduction of pain (in some cases - up to the non-narcotic drugs), reduction of weakness, shortness of breath, coughing and other respiratory failure phenomena, fever, and increased motor activity and improve appetite.

Product form

Sehydrin drug release in the form of coated tablets, 60 mg each. On 10 and 50 pieces per pack.

The analogue Sigedrina mechanism of action is drug Natulan.

Indications SEHYDRIN

Sehydrin on instructions given to patients with progressive forms of inoperable malignant tumors (locally advanced or disseminated), and in the case of recurrences and metastases of malignant tumors, namely in case of:

  • Primary brain tumors (glioblastoma, astrocytoma);
  • Lung cancer;
  • Hodgkin's disease;
  • Neuroblastoma;
  • Breast cancer;
  • Lymphosarcoma;
  • Cancer of the pancreas, stomach and other organs of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Cancer of the larynx;
  • Soft tissue sarcoma, fibrosarcoma;
  • Cancer of the endometrium, cervix, desmoid cancer.


According to the instructions Sigedrin contraindicated if you are hypersensitive to apply the active substance or auxiliary components of the drug.

When severe impaired renal function and liver Sehydrin Review used with caution.


The drug is prescribed for oral administration for one or two hours before or one to two hours after eating or taking other medicines. Sehydrin take 1 tablet 3 times a day.

With reduced tolerance dose is recommended to reduce to 2 pills a day.

Course admission SEHYDRIN and analog drug is 100 tablets.

Repeated courses after a two-week break. The number of courses is not limited, and the intervals are increased by one to two weeks.

The possibility of using SEHYDRIN in pediatrics, as well as during pregnancy and lactation has not been studied.

According to the instructions Sehydrin can be taken with jaundice, which is caused by liver metastases, as well as cytopenia resulting from radiation and chemotherapy.

Acceptance of barbiturates and alcohol greatly increases the toxicity of the treatment and the analogue SEHYDRIN drug.  Sehydrin produced in the form of tablets

Side effects

When using SEHYDRIN Review possible diarrheal phenomenon, such as nausea, vomiting, or belching, passing at lower doses or a short period of treatment (two to three days). In these cases, prescribe anti-inflammatory and astringent into drugs (romazulon, camomile tea, vikalin), antiemetics (Reglan, pyridoxine) and antispasmodics.

Chronic administration of SEHYDRIN reviews can be observed neurotoxic effects such as:

  • The general excitement;
  • Insomnia;
  • Blur pronounced and transient phenomena polyneuritis (multiple nerve damage).

If this happens, it shows the use of multivitamin supplements, pyridoxine and thiamine.

Storage conditions

Sehydrin stored in a dry, dark place, away from children. Shelf life - 36 months.