Sealeks capsules

Herbal dietary supplement used to treat male erectile dysfunction.

Pharmacological action

The structure includes such Sealeks plant components, causing its therapeutic action:

  • ginseng and green tea, which has tonic properties;
  • liquorice root - has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates the adrenal cortex;
  • palmetto fruit extract - a substance improves spermatogenesis and potency, prevents the development of prostatic hyperplasia;
  • Garlic - known folk remedy for improving potency. This action is linked to its ability to dilate blood vessels;
  • yohimbe bark - strong male aphrodisiac effect of which is realized on a physiological level.

Application Sealeks effective in cases where the need to quickly achieve an erection, his action develops in two hours.

Sealeks fort designed more for long-term treatment. In its structure there are ginseng, licorice root extracts palms and creeping evrikomy longifolia. Effect of the drug significantly after two days of use.

The extract of creeping palm improves potency and reduces inflammation accompanying infection of the urogenital system.

Extract evrikomy longifolia increases sexual desire and sexual stamina of men.

Reviews Sealeks characterize it as an effective tool to help improve testosterone levels, improve immunity and microcirculation.

Product form

Both drugs are available in capsules.

Indications Sealeks

Dietary supplements include in the comprehensive treatment of erectile disorders, male urogenital system functionality.

Instructions Sealeks: how to use

Sealeks taken two hours before sexual intercourse - 1 capsule.

Reviews Sealeks fort confirm the efficacy of the drug in continuous and one-time use.

Since the components of the drug are chosen so that enhance the action of each other, and tend to accumulate, to solve problems with potency in the future, it is preferable to complete a full course of treatment. In this case, take one capsule Sealeks fort for two weeks during a meal, preferably in the morning. After two weeks of doing a month break. The question of the continuation of the patient receiving the funds should decide together with the attending physician.

In the case of a single application, one hour before sexual intercourse, you should take one capsule Sealeks forte.

side effects

Natural composition Sealeks causes no side effects of the drug, but the development of allergic reactions is not ruled out, since there is a possibility of having a patient are hypersensitive to the drug outside the plant.

 Sealeks drug

Contraindications Sealeks

The instructions Sealeks is an indication that it is not prescribed to patients with increased nervous irritability, insomnia and hypersensitivity to the components of the means.

Sealeks serious contraindications are expressed atherosclerosis and cardiac disease. It is believed that in case of serious heart disease, sexual activity may harm the patient.