Santimin phytotea

Santimin - drugs used for weight loss.

Pharmacological action santimina

Santimin - a plant food supplement, whose components are selected in such a way as to restore the self-regulation mechanism of weight and metabolism, reduce weight, improve the functionality of the internal organs, particularly those that are responsible for the removal of toxins and metabolic products - the bile ducts, liver, intestines kidneys.

Santimin diet provides an opportunity to enhance the burning of fat, to restore the center of the brain responsible for satiety and appetite.

The structure includes Santimina Cambodian Garcinia, senna, guarana, chromium picolinate, microcellulose.

Cambodian Garcinia suppresses appetite and cravings, slows down the process of developing cholesterol, improves performance and energy potential.

Senna restores the digestive tract, cleanses the intestines, stimulates the process of disposal of fats, detoxification. Also, included in the senna Santimina since it has a mild laxative, detoxifying effect, it helps to eliminate fluid and bile.

The guarana contains guaranine - a kind of caffeine. The substance is a stimulant that speeds up fat burning, increasing energy tone, helps to increase calorie consumption during exercise. It was established that guaranine not irritate the digestive tract and increases the pressure.

Chromium picolinate stimulates protein helps burn fat, reduces hunger, normalizes blood sugar levels, improves carbohydrate metabolism.

Judging by the reviews, Santimin improves intestinal motility, which is possible because of another component to its composition - microcellulose, which is the source of dietary natural fibers. The substance reduces cholesterol, helps remove toxins, heavy metals, and normalizes blood glucose.

The above is part of Santimin capsules, and the tea for weight loss is different: it includes lingonberry leaves, mate extract, mallow flowers Sudan (hibiscus), rose hips, senna. Leaves cranberries and hibiscus good effect on cardiac activity; mate extract invigorates; wild rose is known for its bactericidal and tonic effect; senna - it's the same senna, which, as already mentioned, has a laxative effect, it helps to remove toxins, stimulates the digestive tract.

Product form

Santimin produce capsules in form of tea.

Indications Santimina

Use the drug for weight loss, for weight control, improve the overall tone.

Despite the fact that Santimin not a drug, and contains only natural ingredients, take the capsules or tea without prior examination and consultation of the doctor is not advised because the components of these funds have an effect on the activity of vital organs.

Dosing Santimina slimming

Take the capsules Santimin recommended three pieces a day in three stages, during a meal. For best results, take capsules Santimin recommended at least a month. On the possibility of a longer application Santimina advisable to consult a doctor.

Tea Santimin take 400 ml per day in two divided doses with meals. On one filter bags come with 200 ml of boiling water. After brewing tea Santimin recommended 20 minutes to insist. The duration of the tea, as well as a capsules is month.

There are reviews of Santimine from taking his men and women, who claim that the action of the drug reduces appetite, craving for starchy foods and sweets, there is improvement of efficiency, reduction of sleepiness and fatigue. For maximum effect it is recommended to combine the reception Santimina with diet and physical activity.

side effects

Judging by the reviews, Santimin can cause allergies, which is associated with intolerance to the components of tea or capsules.

 Santimin bags

Contraindications santimina

Take Santimin slimming capsule is not recommended before the age of 18 years, during pregnancy, breastfeeding, in case of hypersensitivity to the constituents, predisposition to diarrhea, acute intestinal diseases.

Tea Santimin can not be taken for the same reasons as the capsule, but other than that it should be noted that it is contraindicated in those who suffer from hypertension, increased nervous irritability - due to the fact that in its composition there mate extract.