Sanosan cream

Sanosan - a series of tools for skin care of infants, nursing mothers, pregnant women.

Description and method of application of Sanosan

"Sanosan" - a German trademark owned manufacturer Mann and Schroeder. The company produces a variety of cosmetic products for skin care of children from the first days of their lives, and special facilities for pregnant women, breastfeeding women.

The main series Sanosan «Baby» includes:

  • foam and cream-gel for washing. Means not contain paraffin oil, easy to use, does not irritate the eye;
  • Sanosan panacea for washing hair and body. Also, does not contain paraffin oil, does not irritate the eyes, suitable for sensitive baby skin;
  • shampoo for babies. Reviews Sanosan shampoo confirm that it is suitable for thin baby hair, prevents over-drying of the scalp;
  • wipes impregnated with a lotion. Designed to clean hands, face and body;
  • Sanosan special wipes impregnated with olive oil and milk protein. Designed to relieve inflammation and irritation, rapid cleansing when changing a diaper;
  • Cleansing Oil Sanosan designed to cleanse the skin when changing a diaper. The oil contains bisabolol, calendula extract, vitamin E;
  • baby soap for daily use. Judging by the reviews of Sanosan soap, even with frequent use, it does not dry the skin, fit newborn babies;
  • Sanosan body lotion with moisturizing effect, apply after bathing baby. It contains panthenol, chamomile extract, shea butter promotes the healing of micro traumas and irritation of the skin. Drugs recommends to apply to the skin of the child after his long stay in the sun;
  • Sanosan oil. Recommended for massage and cleanse the skin in the area of ​​children's pants. Means acting on the skin soothing, relieves irritation, contains soy, olive, almond oil, vitamin E, calendula extract, bisabolol;
  • Sanosan cream with panthenol protective. It is used to relieve redness, irritation, chafing. For maximum effect, the cream is recommended to apply at least 4 times a day. The same tools can be used for the treatment of nursing mothers and the prevention of inflammation and the appearance of cracks on the nipple;
  • powder for the skin Sanosan. Contains milk protein, olive oil, allantoin and zinc oxide protects baby's skin from rubbing, removes excess moisture, prevents the appearance of irritations dries the skin;
  • Sanosan diaper rash cream. Apply a diaper contains d-panthenol, zinc, talc, soothes the skin, prevents the appearance of irritations;
  • protective cream Sanosan wind and weather. Used vehicle before going for a walk - it protects children's skin from chapping and action of sunlight. It contains avocado oil and almond oil;
  • bubble bath and moisturizing lotion Sanosan containing lavender oil. This special funds with a soothing effect, recommended for use before bedtime. The foam Sanosan added to the bath (about 15 ml) was used instead of gel or bathing, and the lotion applied to the skin after washing children.

The series Sanosan «Mama», designed for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, includes such special features:

  • Sanosan cooling cream for prevention of swelling in the legs during pregnancy. Contains menthol, arnica extract, shea butter. Cream relieves the feeling of heaviness, swelling and cools the skin. Apply it 1-2 times a day, massaging the legs from the bottom up;
  • Cream-shower gel Sanosan with a moisturizing effect. It contains panthenol and olive oil;
  • Sanosan gel for intimate hygiene for pregnant women. The tool does not violate the natural pH balance of the vaginal flora, contains lactic acid. Reviews Sanosan gel suggest that the regular use of it makes it possible to avoid the appearance of irritation and discomfort in the vaginal area;
  • Sanosan balm for skin care nipples with lanolin. It is used to prevent, treat cracks on the nipples of nursing women. Apply tool in between feedings. Rinse it does not need;
  • Gel for hand washing with antibacterial action. Antiseptic further includes moisturizing jojoba oil, suitable for skin decontamination of hands in an environment where you can not use water, soap;
  • Sanosan breast pads for nursing mothers, who put in a bra after a feeding. Developed two types of gaskets - conventional and Organic. Conventional pads are absorbent, made of natural materials. Bio-lining are different in that they are designed for sensitive skin prone to frequent irritation - in their composition is cotton produced in an ecologically clean environment, with special technology bleached without using chlorine.

The funds from the stretch Sanosan

 Sanosan wipes

The appearance of stretch marks on the skin - one of the most common cosmetic problems that bother a woman during pregnancy, so the manufacturer has paid special attention to this problem: a series Sanosan «Mama» includes three tools for the prevention of stretch marks:

  • Sanosan cream for stretch marks. It contains chitosan, jojoba seed extract, hibiscus. The tool increases the tone and elasticity of the skin, prevents the formation of skin scarring and stretch marks. The cream is recommended to be applied starting with the third month of pregnancy at the hip, chest, stomach, 2 times a day;
  • Oil Sanosan stretch marks. The structure means includes jojoba, almond and sunflower oil, vitamin A. Use tool can be the first month of pregnancy, it is suitable for sensitive, dry skin with regular use prevents the appearance of stretch marks. Apply a light massage oil on the chest, buttocks, stomach, hips;
  • Spray lotion Sanosan stretch marks. It comprises vitamin B3 and special components affecting connective tissue. Apply the lotion is recommended regularly, using the method of plucking massage. Judging by the reviews of Sanosan lotion after him is greasy, it is well absorbed, and easy to apply.

As producer declares, by all means Sanosan for children and adults dermatologically tested in a clinical setting.