Sana-Sol - multivitamin complex.

Pharmacological action

Under the brand name "Sana-Sol" released on the composition of different vitamin complexes, designed for different age groups.

Producing Sana-Sol for children 4-10 years old, for teenagers, for people after 45 years, vitamin complex and versatile that can be taken by adults and children. Produced special series: Sana-Sol for pregnant women and enhanced system for admission to the cold season - for the prevention of colds.  Sana-Sol in the bottle

The composition comprises a universal framework of vitamins C, E, B2, B1, PP, B12, B6, biotin (vitamin H), calcium pantothenate, folic acid, magnesium.

The complex salts of San for children 4-10 years include iron, calcium, zinc, potassium iodide, chromium, manganese, magnesium, sodium, vitamin PP, C, A, E, D, B6, B2, B12, B1, fatty acids, folic acid, calcium pantothenate.

Vitamin complex for adolescents includes vitamins D, PP, E, A, C, B1, B12, B6, B2, folic acid, calcium carbonate, pantothenic acid, calcium, magnesium, copper, iodine, manganese, selenium, iron, zinc , chromium and molybdenum.

The complex Sana-Sol for people aged 45 l. and above include vitamins RR, D, A, B1, B12, B2, B6, folic acid, calcium pantothenate, iron, iodine, copper, zinc, magnesium, molybdenum, chromium, selenium yeast.

Reinforced complex Sana-Sol Ekstravit contains vitamins A, B2, B6, C, B1, B12, iron, zinc, sodium ascorbate, strawberry leaf extract, leaves currants, rose hips.

San-hydrochloric pregnant includes vitamins E, D, A, B6, C, B1, B2, B12 and PP, pantothenic and folic acid, iron, calcium, molybdenum, zinc, iodine, selenium, chromium, magnesium, manganese.

Form release Sana-Sol

Universal complex Sana-Sol produced in the form of effervescent tablets.

Sana-Sol for children 4-10 years and teenagers are produced in the form of chewable tablets.

System for producing middle-aged people as coated tablets.

Vitamins for the reception in the cold season to produce chewable tablets.


All these kinds of vitamins Sana-Sol according to the instructions indicated for the maintenance of immunity, the shortfall of minerals and vitamins, prevention of colds.

Instructions Sana-Sol: how to use

Universal vitamins Sana-Sol children after 12 l., An adult is recommended to take one tablet a day. Producing these vitamins in effervescent tablets, which pre-dissolved in 150 ml of water. Take vitamin drink during a meal.

Sana-Sol for children 4-10 years and teenagers prescribed taken with meals by chewing one tablet a day.

Vitamins are for people aged 45 l. also recommended to take a tablet a day.

Sana-Sol prescribed for pregnant women to take two tablets a day. Woman taking vitamins in this period, judging by the reviews of Sana-Sol, makes it possible to prevent the development of infections during pregnancy, strengthen the immune system, improve the composition of milk, to ensure normal development of the fetus.

Sana-Sol Ekstravit with plant extracts for children 4-14 years give a tablet a day for children after 14 liters. and adults - two tablets per day. Vitamins recommended to be taken with food. Reviews of Sana-Sol characterize it as a highly effective preventive agent: its regular use makes it possible to prevent infection or relieve the disease, if it is yet to start.

Side effects

Vitamins if properly applied rarely lead to the development of side effects. There are reviews of Sana-Sol, pointing to the fact that they can cause allergies. This reaction is related to the individual sensitivity to the constituents of vitamin complexes Sana-Sol. When side effects sleduetobratitsya medical advice and, if necessary, change the medication.

 Sana-Sol multivitamin complex


Sana-Sol according to the instructions can not be taken in case of hypersensitivity to its components.

Do not take Sana-Sol in conjunction with other multivitamin complexes, as it may be an overdose of vitamins and disruption of the internal organs and systems.

Pregnant women take vitamins without a doctor's advice is not desirable.