Saguenay (international name - Sygethin) refers to a group protivoklimaktericheskih drugs have a stabilizing influence on gonadotropin-releasing function of the pituitary and hypothalamus. The drug is effective for relieving symptoms of menopause: increased sweating, insomnia, irritability, hormonal disorders.

Structure and Composition

 Saguenay tablets

The main active ingredient - sigetin 100 mg.

Auxiliary components: starch, cellulose, stearic acid.

Saguenay available in tablets of 100 mg per carton of 10-30 pc.

Pharmacological properties Sagenita

Saguenay has a tonic effect on the smooth muscles of the genital organs, it normalizes sexual function and eliminates the breach of gonadotrophic function of the hypothalamic center. The drug does not have estrogenic properties, but actively enhances the blood circulation in the uterus and stabilizes the activity of genitourinary system during menopause.

Good reviews Saguenay is like a drug that eliminates the tides, palpitations, cramps, anxiety and nervousness in women during menopause.

Saguenay can improve the body's sensitivity to insulin and other drugs for diabetes.

At simultaneous reception Sagenita and folic acid increases the effectiveness of treatment of thyroid diseases. Saguenay enhances the effect of antihypertensive, diuretic and sedative drugs, but reduces the effect of male hormones.


Saguenay is indicated for menopausal syndrome, insomnia, hormonal disorders, degenerative changes in the skin, as well as increased irritability and depression associated with the onset of menopause.

Positive feedback received Saguenay as a drug effectively eliminates the symptoms of menopause.

Instructions for use Sagenita

In accordance with the instructions Saguenay should take 0, 05 g of the symptoms of menopause in its early stages, and in severe symptoms of menopause and postmenopausal should take on 0, 1 g

The course of treatment is determined by the attending physician and may be from 20 to 40 days. In the absence of therapeutic effect within the first weeks of Saguenay should be canceled.

According to the instructions Saguenay should not take patients during rehabilitation after surgery on the genitals, as well as in conjunction with hormonal therapy.


 Saguenay in carton

Contraindications to receiving Sagenita are hypersensitivity and intolerance to the components of the drug, kidney and liver failure, uterine bleeding, genital tumors, infectious diseases of the genitourinary system.

With careful preparation is assigned when an abnormally elevated level of lipids, cardiovascular diseases and pathologies in the functioning of the sexual organs.

Side effects Sagenita

Sagenita side effects are dizziness and headache, nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, uterine bleeding.

In the long course of treatment there is a chance of intrahepatic cholestasis and renal failure.

In some cases, may appear allergic reactions - urticaria, angioedema, rash, dermatitis, bronchospasm.