Rumalon ampoule

Rumalon - a drug for the treatment of diseases of the joints.

Pharmacological action rumalon

Rumalon is chondroprotector, a drug that slows down the development of osteoarthritis - diseases of the joints, accompanied by a change in the surface shape of the joint and cartilage thinning.

The pharmacological action of the drug is based on the fact that it improves the power cartilage, stimulates collagen and glycosaminoglycans (substances that make up the connective tissue), stimulates joint lubrication, reduces the activity of enzymes which cause thinning of the cartilage.

The active substance rumalon - purified extract bone marrow, cartilage calves.

Product form

Rumalon released into the solution for injections.

Analogs rumalon: Biartrin, glycosaminoglycan-peptide complex.


Rumalon of instruction prescribed for osteoarthritis, necrosis of the cartilage of the patella (hondromallyatsiya), diseases of the cartilage lining the joint at the knee, accompanied by a violation of its functions and pain (meniskopatiya), diseases of the spine (spondyloarthrosis, spondylosis).

There are good reviews about rumalon applied in arthrosis of the finger, knee and hip joints.

Instructions rumalon: how to use

Rumalon can be administered only intramuscularly, and the beginning of treatment was compulsory test for drug tolerance. First, the patient is administered 0, 25 ml, and two days later - even 0, 5 ml. If the results of the sample will be appreciated that the drug is transferred normally begin treatment: 1-2 ml inject two or three times a week.

Total for the full treatment necessary to make 15 injections of 2 ml or 25 injections of 1 ml.

Treating said indications for use in disease lasts for many years. It is recommended to hold annual courses - at least twice a year. If the case is severe, conduct 3-4 courses per year.

side effects

Judging by the reviews, rumalon does not cause serious side effects. Early treatment may occur exacerbation of the disease, but it is a transient symptom that does not require discontinuation of treatment. Also it recorded allergic reactions due to intolerance of the active substance.

 Rumalon 1ml


Rumalon and analogues medications are not used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, as they are not prescribed for the identified hypersensitivity.

Do not use the medicine in pediatrics, during lactation, pregnancy.