Remantadinum  Rimantadine

Structure and Composition

The composition of one tablet of 50 mg includes rimantadine. The drug is available in tablet form.

The pharmacological action of rimantadine

Of instructions rimantadine should it antiviral agent, derivative medantana and amantadine. It is used as an anti-Parkinsonian drug agent. Simultaneously Rimantadine is a chemotherapeutic agent with antiviral activity. Rimantadine is actively fighting the influenza A virus, tick-borne encephalitis. The drug has an immunomodulating and anti-toxic effect.

Prolonged circulation rimantadine provided in the body of its polymer structure. Thus, the long half-life of the drug is to assign Rimantadine not only for therapeutic purposes but also for prevention of encephalitis and influenza.

As a result of rimantadine it was found that the drug inhibits the reproduction of a particular virus early on, contributes to the production of interferon alpha and gamma, increases the functionality of the lymphocytes. Rimantadine prevents exit of viral particles from the cells, disrupting the transcription of the viral genome.

Many patients give positive feedback on rimantadine, taking medication as prophylaxis. The drug reduces the risk of getting the flu, and in the presence of the disease contributes to a speedy recovery. Particularly active rimantadine therapeutic effect will manifest when using the drug in the first 18 hours of feeling unwell initial stage of the disease is an indication for rimantadine.


Rimantadine absorbed in the digestive tract after 2-4 hours after administration. The degree of association with plasma proteins about 40%. Actives rimantadine metabolized in the liver. The half-life of the drug from the body is approximately 25-30 hours. In elderly patients and patients with impaired renal function, and hepatic elimination half-life is increased. In children, the half-life decreases rimantadine.

Indications rimantadine

Indications for rimantadine are prevention and early treatment of influenza in children older than 7 years old and adults, prevention of tick-borne encephalitis.

Dosage and method of administration

Rimantadine is taken orally after a meal. The maximum therapeutic effect is reached, if you start the treatment as soon as symptoms of the disease. The duration of treatment and the dosage should be determined by a specialist.

As a rule, the first day of adolescents and adults are advised to take 300 mg of rimantadine. The daily dose is divided into several stages. In the second and third day of disease taking 100 mg twice a day. In the fourth and fifth day - 100 mg rimantadine once daily.

The instructions rimantadine indicated that children aged 11-14 years, the daily dose should not exceed 150 mg for children aged 7-11 years should take 100 mg of rimantadine per day. The duration of treatment of influenza - 5 days.

As a preventive measure prescribe 50 mg per day rimantadine. Course duration prophylaxis 10-15 days.  Rimantadine-KR

People taking part in the campaigns of forest areas, as a prevention of tick-borne encephalitis is recommended to take Rimantadine 2 times a day 50mg. The course of prophylaxis for 15 days.

Side effects rimantadine

Most often, experts receive positive feedback on rimantadine. But sometimes medication can have adverse effects on the central nervous system: headaches, poor concentration and memory, dizziness.

May occur in the stomach pains, vomiting, loss of appetite.

Allergic reactions to Rimantadine are itching and hives. In epilepsy patients the risk of seizures increases. When using rimantadine chronic diseases may worsen.

Not recommended simultaneous reception of the drug with caffeine, as enhanced by the effect of the drug on the central nervous system.


The instructions rimantadine is not allowed the drug to patients with acute liver disease, chronic and acute diseases of the kidneys, with increased sensitivity to the drug, thyrotoxicosis, pregnancy and lactation. Children under 7 years is a contraindication for use rimantadine.

Interaction with other drugs rimantadine

In the treatment with the drug reduced the effectiveness of antiepileptic drugs. Enveloping, astringents, absorbents reduce the absorption of rimantadine.

Ascorbic acid and ammonium chloride reduces the effectiveness of the drug.

Sodium bicarbonate and atsetozalamid enhance the effectiveness of rimantadine.


When you receive increased doses of rimantadine need to do gastric lavage. In the case of overstimulation, hallucinations, cardiac arrhythmia is an urgent need to see a doctor.


If the patient during treatment takes antiepileptics, it is necessary to reduce the dose of rimantadine to 100 mg per day. Precautions drug is given to elderly people.

In the treatment of rimantadine may be a violation of the nervous system, so it is advisable to use caution when driving and when working with dangerous machinery.

Storage and holidays

The drug should be stored in a dry place away from children at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. Sold without prescription. Shelf life 5 years.