Retin-A - a means for external use against acne.

Structure and Composition

Retin-A is available in three dosage forms:  Retin-A

  • Gel 0, 1% containing 0 025% active - tretinoin (retinoic acid);
  • Gel 0 05% containing 0 1% tretinoin;
  • A solution containing 0 1% of tretinoin.

Pharmacological action

According to the instructions Retin-A speeds up the maturation of skin cells lining the hair follicles of the lead-out. Accumulating these cells overlap and block the outlet bulb outflow gland secretions, causing the skin inflammation occurs. Applications Retin-A reduces the density of these cells adjoining each other and accelerates maturation.

Indications for use Retin-A

According to the instructions Retin-A is indicated for the treatment of acne vulgaris.


According to the instructions Retin-A is contraindicated in:

  • rozotsee;
  • acute eczema;
  • acute inflammatory processes in the skin.

Instructions for use Retin-A

According to the instructions Retin-A is designed for outdoor use. Typically, the drug is applied once a day on washed, dry surface of the damaged skin area.

When applying the solution Retin-A should use a cotton swab.

After applying the product may be a short-term burning sensation on the skin, or a feeling of warmth. A slight reddening of the skin can be observed up to the fifth week of treatment. In the case of a strong burning sensation is necessary to increase the interval between the application of the drug. During the first week of treatment, acne may increase, due to the effect of the drug on the acne, located deep inside that previously were not visible.

The best therapeutic effects from the use of Retin-A for the reviews is reached after 8-12 weeks of treatment.  Cream Retin-A

Side effects

In the opinion of Retin-A is well tolerated by patients. Some patients may experience intense redness, swelling, blisters, and peel the skin. If these side effects occur, treatment should be interrupted until the restoration of the integrity of the skin.


Overdose Retin-A Review causes the following symptoms: redness and peeling of the skin, discomfort.


Avoid contact with the drug Retin-A to the mucous membranes. In the case of contact with eyes, rinse them with water is recommended.

At the time of treatment should avoid direct sunlight.

Storage conditions

The drug is stored in a cool, dry place for no longer than 36 months.